Free College For Everyone?

For many years in the times of our grandparents and great-grandparents, school wasn’t a necessity. Children barely finished middle school and few went on to high school unless their families were wealthy. By the time our parents came along it was more common to graduate high school but still not everyone did it. There were […]

9 Best Private Student Loan Consolidation Companies 2015

Finding the right bank to refinance and consolidate your student loans with is not easy! This post is the result of extensive research into the available options and will compare the 9 most common online consolidation choices. These 9 companies are all the reputable private or federal student loan refinance and consolidation companies that accept online […]

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness in 2015

There is a new proposal going into effect this year that was issued by the president. This new executive order is expected to be made effective by the end of the year actually so most individuals will be affected by it during the 2016 year which is the second half of the current school year. […]

What if You Can’t Afford College?

You may think, college is just way to expensive. There’s no way that I can afford the classes and tuition and all those extra expenses. Maybe you’ve already thought about it and now you aren’t sure what you should do because when you signed up they sent you that big old bill and you decided, […]

What’s Your Return on Investment?

Why did you choose the field of study that you are in? Did you choose it because you really like the field or because you were expecting to make a lot of money? Well you should know that a lot of different careers are actually going to take you several years to make any money […]

Why Make Loan Payments During Deferment?

When you take out a student loan you actually get a short period of deferment. That means that there’s a period of time when you don’t need to make payments on the loan. This is the entire time that you’re still in school and also usually about six months after you stop attending at least […]

How to Avoid Student Loans

Now for most people it’s nearly impossible to entirely avoid student loans. If you want to get a degree from any higher university (unless you’re the valedictorian or the football star) you’re going to need to pay a lot of money and it’s more difficult to get scholarships for that higher amount. So what are […]