Three Easy Options to Get Parent PLUS Loans under Control in 2016

Young people who are just getting started with their career find it difficult to deal with the often massive student loans that they’ve accumulated. Students, however, aren’t the only people affected by debt. Quite often, their parents face an even more serious situation.Parent PLUS loans for children in university can be as difficult to repay, […]

Six Best Universities for Providing Financial Aid

Going to college can be incredibly expensive, whether you’re a local or an international student. Luckily, various universities are well-known for the excellent financial aid options made available to their students.If you’re looking for ways to decrease the cost of tuition, you may consider applying to some of the following colleges. Vanderbilt University Vanderbilt University […]

8 Best Student Loan Websites for 2016

The world of student loans is confusing and difficult to navigate. The good news is that internet gives you access to immense resources. Whether you’re about to make a student loan decision, you’re wondering how to apply or how to decrease the repayment amount, there’s a least one site that will give you adequate information.Are […]

How does the Federal Reserve Rate Affect Student Loans?

In the very beginning of 2016, the Federal Reserve announced a quarter point change in interest rates. If you already have a student loan or you’re about to apply for one, you may be wondering about the way in which this legislative change is going to affect repayment rates.For some students, the interest rate change […]

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness in 2016

New rules in 2016 are about to change the world of student loans, including the student loan forgiveness possibilities. If you’re about to start making repayments in 2016 or you’re considering getting started with your college education, you may want to keep the following federal student loan forgiveness changes in your head. Modified Pay as […]

Should I Consolidate My Loans during Medical School?

As lucrative as going to med school is, these students have to deal with a significant financial burden. The top universities in the field have serious fees and these get covered completely by scholarships rarely.According to data by the Association of American Colleges, 79 per cent of the med school graduates have a debt of […]

How to Get Student Loan Forgiveness as a Lawyer

Everybody seems to assume a lawyer’s propensity for a high salary would exclude them from any sort of student forgiveness program. However, law school can be a money pit sucking in those high costs for higher education. The truth is, lawyers do have many forgiveness options.To begin this discussion, it is worthy to note that […]

Should I Save for Retirement or Pay Off My Student Loans?

If you were fortunate to jump out of college into a lucrative career, this question would be easier to answer. For most graduates, it is not as simple. After the escalating cost of tuition and the extended years it takes to complete college, it is not uncommon for graduates to owe a minimum of $50,000 […]