Top 10 Scholarships for Military Children

Military scholarships are one of the most common financial awards. Children of military personnel will discover some wide options here as we list some of the best military scholarships. 1. AMVETS National Scholarship Program AMVETS is a great source for a variety of scholarships for children and grandchildren of veterans. Graduating high school students can […]

Top 5 Scholarships for People with Brown Hair

Scholarships can be a life rope for those struggling to get through college financially. They are created as incentives for higher learning. To set up a scholarship, a person, foundation or company can create the award with pretty much any requirements within reason. There is every kind of scholarship you can imagine. So if you […]

The Top 10 Scholarships for Hearing Impaired Students

One of the biggest scholarship areas with the most awards is for the hearing impaired. This is a great financial aid opportunity for those who need the extra edge on tuition costs and other college expenses. These scholarships are only a few of the abundant scholarships available for the hearing impaired. 1. AG Bell College […]

Top 10 Scholarships for People with Glasses

When you think of scholarships, you think of standard conservative scholarships. However if you explore the little world of scholarships, there is about every kind of award available. Whether you have red hair or love potatoes, there is a scholarship for you. If you wear glasses, then here are 10 scholarships for people with glasses: […]

SoFi vs. CommonBond Student Loan Consolidation Comparison

These two top companies have been competing as newer start up loan refinancing and consolidation companies for a bit now. SoFi has a larger market share, but both SoFi and CommonBond share similar services. With either company you are going to have the option of fixed or variable rate loans, the 20 year maximum repayment […]

The 10 Easiest College Majors

Getting a higher learning degree is no easy path. Any degree field requires hours of studying and a complete focus. An ‘easy’ degree choice is a common misconception. What might be easier for one may be difficult for another. Every individual carries strengths and weaknesses in different subject matters. If we were to pick some […]

SoFi vs. DRB vs. CommonBond vs. Lendkey Student Loan Consolidation Companies

In a student loan refinancing and consolidation match off between SoFi, DRB, CommonBond and LendKey, it is going to be the subtle differences which sway the borrower towards one or the other. All of these companies are reputable, competitive and innovative. There are a slew of benefits with all four of these loan consolidation companies, […]

Top 10 Scholarships for Single Mothers Going Back to School

For single mothers wishing to get the benefits of a college education many financial scholarships exist. The first step through the higher learning door is to visit the financial aid office of the school you will be attending. The financial aid office staff is a treasure trunk of viable resources for aid. There are usually […]