What if You Can’t Afford Repayment?

If you can’t afford to repay your loans you’re going to want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to stay on top of it. You need to understand what happens when you don’t pay your student loans. This is going to require you to make payments in one of several ways, the […]

What Should You Do With Your Student Loan?

Just about anyone who goes beyond community college (and even some that only do community college) will need to get a student loan. These loans will likely be for different amounts but you can still get that loan. You’ll also have an opportunity to get different amounts for your loan as well. You can choose […]

How Do Student Loans Work

Now I know this site has probably thrown a lot of information at you about student loans and how you can avoid paying them and what helps you get loan forgiveness and things like that. This is going to go back to the basics a little bit and help you understand student loans a little […]

A New Start With Rolling Jubilee

For many students loan debt is a very real problem. I know that when I finished my bachelor’s degree program I had thousands of dollars’ worth of debt. By the time I finish my master’s degree I will have even more. Unfortunately, the payback programs are difficult to stick to. If you don’t get a […]

7 Ways to Save Money While in College

There are a lot of different ways that you can save some money while you’re in school. You want to get a quality education but you also know that you need to save money as much as possible so you can afford that education. So how are you going to cut corners while you’re in […]

10 Ways to Earn Money in College

When you’re in college it can be difficult to work full-time as well. You may only be able to work part time or, depending on the type of college program you are in, you may not be able to work at all. As a result, you find yourself in a bit of a downward spiral. […]


Heading off to college can be a daunting task. After twelve long years slogging through the textbooks and the classes often the last thing any 18-year-old wants to do is sign on for more. Especially since now you have to start paying for the schooling. If the last 12 years were bad at least they […]

Student Loan News – May 02, 2014

Here are the best articles from around the web this week talking about student loans… For the week ending Friday May 02, 2014 Student Loan News: 1. Student Loan Interest Rates to Rise With 10-Year Treasury Note:  College students in the U.S. who take out federal loans are likely to see interest rates jump — potentially […]

7 Best Student Loan Consolidation Companies

When you face challenges managing your debts, you may look for better ways to manage the bills and get back on the financial track. Debt consolidation offers a great way to handle your debts since you’ll be dealing with a single lender. You should be keen on the best lenders providing loan consolidation for students […]

Student Loan News – April 25, 2014

Here are the best articles from around the web this week talking about student loans… For the week ending Friday April 26, 2014 Student Loan News: 1. Student Loans Can Suddenly Come Due When Co-Signers Die, a Report Finds:  For students who borrow on the private market to pay for school, the death of a parent […]