10 Things to Understand about the Treasury’s Inquiry into Marketplace Lenders

In 2014, $12 billion new loans were done with nonbank online ‘marketplace lending’. This industry is growing dramatically. With concern for consumers and fair industry practices, the Treasury Department launched an inquiry into the sector. What does this mean for those facing student debt stress? One of the primary concerns is how student loan servicing […]

Student Loan Consolidation Companies for Graduates with Bad Credit

As tuition costs rise, so does the need for college aid. This means students are obtaining more than one student loan to get through the years at college. When it comes time to pay all those loans, they become unmanageable, trying to pay several different payments to several different lenders. With consolidation, borrowers can merge […]

Is Now the Right Time to Refinance Your Parent Plus Student Loan?

The rising costs of tuition and the leftovers from a flailing economy have seen a growing number of parents turn to the Parent Plus loans for their children’s college education. The Parent Plus loan has good advantages, but it is not the perfect answer to every situation. If you have taken out a Parent Plus […]

Do I Qualify for Teacher Loan Forgiveness?

The career of a teacher is one of love for education and children. While the salaries of teachers are not a high paid profession, the benefit is there are programs available for student loan debt relief. Available to teachers are both federal and state programs which will forgive the student loans. If you qualify for […]

Earnest Student Loan Consolidation Review

Earnest is the latest Student Loan Consolidation Company to jump on the student loan debt bandwagon. They are a San Francisco-based company, which provides personal loans to young folks with less than perfect credit However, this relatively new lender is fast becoming a favorite and for many solid reasons. They have pioneered a different approach […]

STOP! Before You Don’t Pay Your Student Loans, Read This

America is in a student loan debt crisis. This means that 1 in 3 borrowers are also having difficulties repaying their student loans. You are not alone. Lawmakers are well aware of the college loan system having troubles, and programs are being implemented to rescue tired borrowers from completely turning away in hopelessness from their […]