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My Name is Jon, I got my degree in 2008 and left school with $22,500 in student loans. Although I was happy to have graduated with my degree in Mechanical Engineering I knew I would have challanges to pay down my 22k of debt. My student debt wasn’t nearly as much as others but I was concerned that this debt was going to hold me back from doing the things I was wanting to do in my life after school.

When I was graduating I was looking at my debt and the life I was wanting to live leaving College. I was planning on proposing to my girlfriend(now wife) could I afford the ring? If she said yes(which she did) could we even afford to have a wedding since they can cost a LOT!

After looking at all my options…Consolidation, Refinancing, Forgiveness, going into a profession where grants are available (Armed Forces, medical, volunteer, teaching). I decided my best plan was to tackle the debt head on.

After agressively paying down my debt and doing a few tricks which I will share openly on this site I ended up saving over $7k in the cost of my student loan.

Student Loan Paid Off!

As of May 2012 – exactly 3 years after I graduated I owe nothing on my student loan.

Engagement Ring I Bought While At College
Engagement Ring I Bought While At College

I didn’t have a six figure starting salary and I didn’t put the rest of my life on hold and eat noodles I still got married, went on trips and bought a house. Your student loan debt doesn’t have to hold you back and I hope to share with you what you can do to make sure it doesn’t stop you from living your life the way you want to.


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