Private Student Loan Consolidation

Graduating college is a huge step. Upon graduating you feel really accomplished and excited for the new world. The only problem is your new world brings on financial responsibility especially for those student loans. Private student loans are a great way to pay for college. Usually upon graduating you will begin a payment plan on these loans. IF a person took out numerous student loans then consolidation may be something you are looking at. A person will only want to consolidate student loans that are related. This means you only want to consolidate private loans with private loans and federal loans with other federal loans.

Consolidating all of your private loans can really make things easier on you depending how many you have, how many payments you pay per month, and if you are already in a stable job. The best deal is always one with less interest and whatever is easiest with your pay scale. Beware of companies who are just after your money. An individual needs to go into private student loan consolidation with knowledge of what they are doing and why.

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Let’s start off with private loan consolidation to lessen multiple payments per month. Write out a list of all your private student loan payments per month and their interest rate. You need to know also how long this is set for. Once you know how many loans you have and their individual interest rates its time see if consolidating your private loans would be best for you. Keep in mind you are only looking at your private student loans, not federal. Currently there are seven different companies that provide this service. There are other companies but they don’t have as good of ratings on the web. These companies could all have different opportunities so it is important to check out each one and which may be best for your situation.

The student loan consolidation companies that provide private student loan consolidation are as follows:

  1. CU Student Loan Consolidation
  2. Student Loan Consolidator – Compare Consolidation Rates

The other common reason to want to consolidate your private student loans also has to do with your interest rate. If a person has graduated and been out of school a couple years it is possible to have a good job and in some cases even an amazing job. If your credit has gotten better over the period of time from when you applied for your private student loan then it is possible you could significantly lower your interest rate with just knowing your credit score and contacting some of the available consolidation companies that I listed above. Many places offer free credit reports if you do not know your current credit score. The easiest site I have found to check your credit score is here. Just follow the steps and enter all your appropriate information. If your credit score is up fifty points or more it is possible you may be able to consolidate your private student loans for a cheaper monthly amount due to less interest.

Check your credit score to see if you are eligible for student loan consolidation.

As you can see consolidating your private student loans can be very easy if you qualify. Make sure you have all the correct information and have it all sorted it out before contacting any company. Once you are sure of your numbers and what you are looking for then it is pretty easy to see if the option would be better for you and your loan situation.

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