Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

The nursing field is booming and it is actually hard for countries to keep up with amount of well-educated nurses needed to serve. There are just so many jobs available daily for nurses. Some say that nurses are even more crucial in any patients’ life than the doctor themselves. They provide all care of patients besides surgery and even them sometimes a nurse practitioner has licensing for that. There are many types of nurses but they are all equivalently important. The education for a nurse can be extremely expensive or average college costs depending on where you chose to get your education at. Then you are left with student loan debt that needs to be taken care of.

How to Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses?

To qualify for student loan forgiveness for nurses a person must possess a registered nursing degree or higher and work in the nursing industry for at least two years. Do not forget this also includes specialty nurses life certified nursing midwives as just one example. The facility that this work must be done in has to be one of the following ,which is in no specific order; Critical Access Hospital, Nursing Home, State or Local Public Health or Human Services Department, Disproportionate Share Hospital, Indian Health Service Health Center, Skilled Nursing Facility, Nonprofit, Non-Disproportionate Share Hospital, Home Health Agency, Ambulatory Surgical Center , Public Hospital, Native Hawaiian Health Center, Rural Health Clinic, Hospice Program, and or any Federally Qualified Health Center. The only exception to this is nurses who teach in a nonprofit nursing school but it must be accredited by the state whether is private or public does not matter.

Student Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

Another big stipulation to this is remembering to apply in the right time frame. The application for student loan forgiveness closes early within each year. Much like nursing school since the job is booming it only accepts the first and best candidates each year. If a person forgets to apply they may have to wait a whole another year which means more debt and interest hanging over your head.

Advantages of High Educated Nurses

The amount the nursing loan forgiveness program pays varies depending on what you qualify for by your loans. The standard amount seems to be up to sixty percent of your student loans completely paid off just by the one main federal nursing loan forgiveness program. This does not include what some medical facilities may offer for loan forgiveness as well for choosing to work at their place of operation. Nursing much like teaching is one of those jobs our country cannot go without, with that being said most places of work will offer incentives not only to pay off past loans but will also pay for you to go back to school to get a higher level of education. The goal is to have debt free, highly educated people working in the most important fields there are.

If you have chosen to go into the nursing field and then graduated kudos to you! It is a hard decision to dedicate your life to the health of others. Everyone sees this is a great commitment and thankfully you could get your education paid off to nearly nothing. For more information on how to get nursing student loan forgiveness please contact your future or current place of employment for incentives of loan forgiveness they provide.

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