7 Ways to Be More Organized

Being organized will create less havoc and prevent stress in your life, but how do you actually get organized? Below, we will go over some ways that you can become more organized – and trust us, you will enjoy life much more.

1. Organize a Bit Each Day

Sitting down and organizing your entire home in one day is not feasible and will create more tension as you start getting into it. It is important to take things slow, so that you can ensure everything is done properly and put away where it should be.

It is wise to spend about 15 to 30 minutes a day organizing a small section of your home. For instance, start on the kitchen one day and then finish the kitchen the next day.

2. Go Through Your Papers

It is easy to bring in the mail and just toss it onto the table and forget about it. What happens with this is that you never actually go through the papers and they begin to pile up. Make it appoint to setup some sort of system that allows you to place the papers in a safe, organized place so you know where they are.

Make it a habit to go through your mail the moment you bring it into your house. This way, you can toss out the junk and keep the important stuff.

3. Go Through the Old to Make Room for the New

When you have a spare moment, start going through the cabinets in your home. You should toss out any expired products, expired medication, and things you no longer use. There is no reason to hold onto these items. Plus, as you start to acquire new items, you will have a place to put them without struggling to shove them into a tight space.

4. Toss Out Old Clothes and Shoes

If you have been hoarding all of your old clothes and shoes, now is the time to stop. Think about what items you will realistically wear and keep those. If you have to spend time thinking about when you will wear something, toss it. If you do not fit into something, toss it.

One of the hardest things will be throwing out clothes that you like, but have no use for. If you are having a difficult time letting go of these items, consider donating them to a local charity. Your clothes will not be going in the trash, but to someone in need.

5. Give Every Item a Home

As you organize your home, find a place for EVERY item. If there is no place for an item, toss it. When you find places for things, you are able to downsize much easier.

Once you have a place for everything, you will know exactly where it goes once you have removed it from its designated spot. Make sure the rest of your family knows where everything goes too. When everyone pitches in and puts things away, your home stays more organized.

6. Don’t Stash Artwork and Small Projects

If you are a parent, it can be hard to toss out paintings and artwork that your children drew, but you cannot let your home become overrun with them either. You have a couple of options when it comes time to get rid of these items.

First, you could place all of the items into a box and store the box in your garage or attic, if there is room. The other option is to scan all of the pictures and items onto your computer for safe keeping.

7. Create a Clutter Solution

When it comes down to it, you will need to practice organizing on a regular basis to stay organized. It helps to think of some clutter solutions to prevent problems from arising. For instance, if you are tired of your family leaving shoes everywhere throughout the house, get a shoe rack and place it by the front door. If you lose your keys a lot, place a key hook by the front door.

Final Thoughts​

Simple solutions throughout your home can help you stay organized and keep you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Remember, organize slowly and get rid of any excess that you have.