Grants for Disabled Students

Grants for students with a disability are possibly the most overlooked form of financial aid. These grants are specifically targeted to help students that have a disability overcome the already high cost of education. Many students are finding it difficult to be able to afford the increasing cost yet students who have a disability face an even tougher challenge.

This resource has taken a lot of hours to create and I hope will help students who could use it. Best of luck when applying to these grants and paying off your loans!

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All for students with a disability!

What’s the difference between a grant and a scholarship?

Some financial aid opportunities fall under the term “grants” rather than “scholarships” although they are similar – they are both a financial aid package that does not need to be repaid. On the whole, grants are less than scholarships – which can be for an entire tuition – and are often need based, whereas financial need does not factor into some grants.
Scholarships are most often awarded to students with exceptional qualities – academic, athletic, artistic, or something else. In addition, scholarships may be awarded based on age, gender, race, religion, and other such considerations. Many grants for financial aid are based on the same premise. There are minority grants for Hispanic students, African American students, or another ethnicity.

Grants for Students With Disability

Federal vs Private Grants

There are also grants for disabled students available from the government, Universities and private sources. Many students make the mistake of stopping with the federal Pell Grant or FSEOG – awarded if you are deemed eligible from the FAFSA application. These are the two most popular federal grants. There are a number of private grants available. Many of the grants available for a specific gender, ethnicity, or other factor come from a private source – perhaps through a philanthropic organization. There are also grants for single moms.
How To Find Grants as a Disabled Student

Grant search engines and lists are the best way to narrow down your search for grant opportunities. Because there are literally hundreds of grants available any given year, it can be difficult and time-consuming to sift through each and every grant offer – many of which will not be applicable. Instead, a grant search engine or pre-filtered disability grant list will help sort the list.

A grant search engine can also help keep track of all the grants to which you’ve applied. A student may apply for a dozen grants and it can be difficult to keep track of all this information. It is important to organize grant information to mark down when the status of a grant application has changed.

Keep in mind that securing grants can affect your eligibility for other grants but not your credit score so it will not impact your ability to get consolidation loans. For example, need-based federal grants are calculated using a formula of Estimated Family Contribution vs. the Cost of Attendance. The more grants you receive; the higher the Estimated Family Contribution will rise. This could potential lead to eligibility problems for certain grants that require an extreme financial need. Even so, this can be offset by the amount of some grant opportunities, which can be quite high. However, if you have this problem consider yourself lucky! It is definitely a good problem to have.

List of 150+ Grants For Students With Disabilities

Below is as complete a list of grants for students with disabilities as there is anywhere online. I have worked for a lot of hrs to put together as helpful a package as I possibly could, my hope is this list will be a good starting point to provide

Am I missing one? – If so please contact me and I will add it to help others!”


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