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Government Grants for Students

For many students today, borrowing and acquiring debt are assumed parts of going to college.  Instead of automatically applying for loans, students should investigate all other options of funding their education.  Grants are an excellent way of paying for college because they are considered need-based gifts and usually do not require repayment, unlike student loans.  In addition to private sources, like clubs and specific schools, the US government also issues grants. […]

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Bridging The Gap: Grad Plus Loan

If you're researching a Grad PLUS Loan (Graduate Student PLUS Loan), chances are you know the major change that occurred recently: students themselves are now eligible for the loan which previously was available only to parents of undergraduate students. The Grad PLUS Loan helps to bridge the gap between financial aid awarded to a student and outstanding costs of attendance he or she might have. Though it's available directly to the student borrower now, it's only awarded to graduate and professional school students. […]

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How to graduate with no student loan debt?

College, one of the most important moves you can make in your life. It can also be one of the most expensive moves if you’re not careful. So, how do people usually pay for college? The most common methods include loans and grants. However, loans and grants are not the only options for aspiring students. Today, I’ll detail some methods to ensure you graduate college without taking on debt. Many have done this before and if you’re wise, you can do it too. […]

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Apply For Grants

When looking to pay for astronomical tuition costs, you should not stop at federal grant programs. Obviously, the federal Pell and FSEOG should be part of your financial aid plans, especially if you have a significant financial need, but there are a bevy of other grant opportunities available. Remember, tuition isn’t your only concern. The cost of room and board, textbooks, and even transportation are on the rise. […]

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Women in Engineering Scholarships

As a recent engineering graduate myself and with a sister who took engineering I appreciate how hard it can be for women in engineering and the benefits to society of having a larger gender split of engineering graduates. My sister is a strong believer in the benefits of having women in engineering and she also puts a lot of effort encouraging other women to take engineering. She put together an impressive resource with all the grants she could find that would help her attend college and offered to share it here for other women considering engineering…. [table id=57 /] Have you ever seen the ad’s online promoting “Women in Engineering Grants” or “Single Parents school grants” and wondered are these real? Well the truth is that many of the ads you will see online are scams. Many of them take you to sites that want you to purchase lists of grants or they are just outright scams that take your money and give you nothing. The scam artists rely on those who need the grants most to not read everything and fall for their scheme. That does not mean that there are no single parent grants out there however you just have to know where to look. Below you will find some proven and authentic Grant programs for Single parents. […]

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Determine Your Eligibility With The Fafsa Application

People tend to think that the FAFSA application is overly complicated. Actually the opposite is true. Submitting a FAFSA application will cover a number of different financial aid opportunities all in the same form: Pell Grants, work study, loans, and more. It actually simplifies the process. As such, the FAFSA application is a vital component of applying for financial aid. […]

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Federal Pell Grant

A Federal Pell Grant is what every incoming student wants: a student loan that never has to be repaid. Gift loans are the best way to pay for college. However, Pell Grants are not as beneficial as a scholarship that pays tuition outright. A Pell Grant will only be $4,000–obviously a hefty sum, but it still might fall short of all college expenses. For this reason, Pell Grants are often combined with other types of financial aid opportunities. […]

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List Of School Grants By State

Alabama [table id=4 /] Alaska [table id=5 /] Arizona [table id=6 /] Arkansas [table id=7 /] California [table id=8 /] Colorado [table id=9 /] Connecticut [table id=10 /] Washington District of Columbia [table id=11 /] Delaware [table id=12 /] Fllorida [table id=13 /] Georgia [table id=14 /] Hawaii [table id=15 /] Idaho [table id=16 /] [...]

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150+ Grants For Disabled Students

Grants for Disabled Students Grants for students with a disability are possibly the most overlooked form of financial aid. These grants are specifically targeted to help students that have a disability overcome the already high cost of education. Many students are finding it difficult to be able to afford the increasing cost yet students who have a disability face an even tougher challenge. This resource has taken a lot of hours to create and I hope will help students who could use it. Best of luck when applying to these grants and paying off your loans! Skip to the list of over 150 Grants All for students with a disability! […]

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