Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing Lender Reviews

For some reason or another, it seems a lot more people have found themselves in modern times than ever before, allowing debt to become an unnecessary evil in our world which plagues a lot of people every day. Sadly, it is far easier to get into debt than it is to get out f debt - it is kind of like losing and gaining weight. Most people do not have any trouble putting the pounds on, but getting them off is a totally different story. So too with debt, people can spend and spend, but trying to climb out of the cave of debt, is going to require one small step at a time. Today’s economy and troubling economic times have added to the number of people who are now finding themselves in debt and in with the need of help from outside sources to to relief their debt load, which at times can seem overwhelming and insurmountable.

The following loan consolidation services have been evaluated based upon customer reviews, as well as their past history regarding lawsuits and other ethical issues. By no means, is the following list the be all end all, and if you are looking into consolidating your debt, you should further examine whatever company you are looking into to make sure they have a good track record and do things morally right and have no been involved in any lawsuits. We urge you to research the companies as much as possible for yourself, after all, you are trying to get out of trouble by consolidating your loans, and not looking for more by getting into business with an organization who may be less than reputable.

Loan Consolidation
Loan Consolidation

Why Should I Consider Consolidating and Refinancing My Debt?

  • There are so many reasons why someone should consider consolidating their debt, but the main reason has to be, to save money and get back on track financially. Debt consolidation can save you money in the future. It is not going to happen over night, or even in a few weeks, but down the road, consolidating your debt will work in your favor and actually save you money. Debt consolidation firms are able to negotiate your debt on behalf of creditors to reduce, and in some cases, even eliminate your interest payments all together. Often times, debt consolidation firms can even get creditors to remove late fees.
  • Another great thing about debt consolidation is it will allow you to get out of debt faster. If you keep paying the minimum monthly balance on your credit cards, that could take years to pay off. A debt consolidation company will be able to negotiate on your behalf and help get your payments to a manageable rate, where you will be able to pay them off sooner, rather than later.

16 Reputable Consolidation Companies:

The below consolidation and settlement companies are shown as reputable based on their customer feedback as well as their accreditation's.

  1. SoFi Review
  2. Citizens Bank Review
  3. Earnest Review
  4. LendKey Review
  5. CommonBond Review
  6. Laurel Road Review
  7. U-fi Review
  8. College Ave Student Loans Review

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12 Non-Reputable Consolidation Companies:

If you are considering doing business with one of these companies, or already are doing business with one of these companies, you may wish to further investigate them and look into how reputable they really are, as they have recently been sued or in the news for other poor business relations and decisions

  1. A1 Debt Consolidation
  2. American Debt Consolidation
  4. Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.
  5. Credit Advisors
  6. Credit Solutions
  8. Debt Busters
  9. Debt Free America
  10. Debt Free Today
  11. Delray Credit Counseling
  12. DTS Financial

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