There are several ways to makes some extra money. If you are a savvy internet guru, plenty of opportunities exist online for a quick buck. There are also ways to earn cash while going to college. These are legitimate ways to generate income. While not get-rich fast schemes, there are ideas here to take into serious consideration. Try them out, and see if your pocketbook doesn’t get fatter.

Sell Your Education!

  • Sell your notes with other students. There are actually websites where you can upload your course notes for money. Visit sites like Notesale lists your notes and take a bit of profit to handle the marketing. Locally this can be done with Craigslist or even on campus boards. The notes should be in PDF format and typed to get more money. There exist plenty of reasons why this is profitable, and a great idea. A student who misses a class due to illness would benefit from your course notes, so make that buck!
  • Get paid to take notes. If you are a thorough note taker, why not extend your great abilities to take notes for others? It is a fairly common event for this to be done for those students requiring special arrangements. You can get compensated up to $10 an hour for every hour of class. Visit the campus disability office to find out more, or advertise on local websites.
  • Sell second-hand course books to incoming students. Simply buy other students’ textbooks when the semester is over and resale them the next. Be sure to purchase books that are from a required course, popular enough to be able to sell them right away. You can advertise online at Amazon easily or sell them on campus board.
  • Teach others by becoming a tutor. Increase the knowledge from your own college education by teaching someone else. You can find tutoring opportunities through your school, advisors, campus tutoring center or advertising yourself. If you are in college, chances are you are smart enough to tutor, so go for it.

Get Online Now!

  • Surf and get paid with This is a pretty easy way to add some extra dollars to your bank account. This site wants you to install a simple add-on to your browser, so when you conduct a search they may have some sponsored results show up. Each result will have a cash reward attached and there is no minimum to cash out. Cash rewards are wired to your PayPal account, or you can donate to a charity.
  • Review Websites for some great cash! An innovative site called pays people to review every kind of website imaginable. The best part about this website is it only requires around 20 minutes doing the review, but the payoff is $10 straight to your PayPal account. This adds up quick. They will initially ask you to complete a test review, and then you will receive websites in your email to review.
  • Do small, fast tasks for businesses. The concept of is becoming increasingly popular for a quick buck. Businesses will advertise specific tasks they need completed right away. There are a variety of tasks but usually are limited to simple data entry, form filing, or web research. Give it a go and Mechanical Turk is two websites to explore.

Honorable Mention: Review music for cash. If you are a diehard music lover and want to exercise your talent scout abilities, check out While it is not a lot of money initially, your reputation does go up and so do your earnings over time. It is fun to review unsigned bands and artists. Anyone can sign up and review. The extra cash is just a sweet bonus.