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Investing For Wealthy Students – $100k+ Net Worth

There is a lot of publicity about how much a struggle it is for college students to make ends meet in today’s economy. For those students who are lucky enough to not have to worry about money, it might seem that not enough attention is paid to what their needs might be. We have created a brief overview about investing for wealthy students whose net worth is grater than $100k. In this way, those college students who will not be burdened with debt upon graduation can instead focus on how best to plant for their future. […]

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Best Student Credit Cards

Student credit cards are a good way for graduates and undergraduates to safely build a credit line, which will affect what kind of loans they can get in the future, especially student loans for tuition and college life. Student credit cards also offer a lot of rewards for purchases that are made, including money back. Some cards even reward students for maintaining a certain GPA, as well as paying their bills on time. However, a credit right that fits one's lifestyle and finances should be researched carefully, and comparison shopping is essential when trying ti avoid the fine print. […]

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How Much Financial Aid Can I Receive for my Education?

The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive depends on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) uses the Federal Need Analysis Methodology to determine your status (private institutions often use Institutional Methodology). You can get a basic estimate of your EFC and through the FAFSA website and numerous other online calculators. Calculation forms will include the following: […]

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How Early Should I Apply For a Student Loan?

How early you should apply for a student loan really depends on two things: whether you are trying to decide which school to attend based on what kind of financial aid you can get, or whether you've designated your school of choice and need to figure out which loans you will use to pay for it, and how large they will have to be. Either way, you should first think about what kinds of free aid and gifts are out there once you've determined you will attend a school of higher education. You should exhaust these sources before you apply for student loans. […]

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What’s Out There? Student Loans For Single Parents

Being a single parent and returning to school, or starting an undergraduate, vocational or graduate degree can be incredibly daunting. Statistics show that many single parents drop out of the college environment when it becomes difficult or impossible to care for their children. Education finances compete with those of day care, independent housing and possibly child support payments if custody is shared. Also, the time it takes to attend classes and study can compete with a job. […]

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Too Much Information: Understanding What Student Loans Are Available

If you’ve been applying to college or graduate school, you’re probably been inundated with “special offers” of loans and information about all the different types. But which one is right for you, if any? Would you be able to pay a little bit back during the school, or do you need to postpone all payments until after you graduate? Need a little money, or a small fortune? […]

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What Do I Do Next? What Is The Application Process For Student Loans?

The application process for student loans really begins when you sit down with your schools of choice and determine what your financial needs will be. If you're looking at an array of schools, with varying tuition and room, boarding costs, you’ll have a bit more work to do than if you have already designated your program of choice. […]

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There were 31.5 Million FREE FAFSA applications completed in 2011 according to the US Department of Education however, there may have been over 2 million students scammed by the misleading website! […]

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4 Smart Steps To Take Before Attending School

1) Take the FAFSA. One of the first steps you should do when considering attending college is to take the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be found online at You can also speak with the financial advisors at whichever financial institution you‘re interested in attending and they can help you [...]

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Receive an Award Letter

Financing higher education can be a challenge these days. Fortunately, various federal aid programs for grants, loans and work-study are available for students through the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The application process may seem intimidating at first, but there are countless resources online and in financial aid offices to help students apply for the best possible assistance. […]

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