Eastman Credit Union (ECU) is based in Tennessee and Texas. ECU's official website offers little information about how they handle student loan consolidation. The maximum amount you can consolidate with them peaks at $125,000. This is for both undergraduate and graduate loans. ECU will consolidate both private loans and federal loans.

Loan Rates and Longest Terms

  • 6.50% - 8.00% APR Fixed
  • 10,12,14, or 15 year term


  • Must be a member
  • Reside within a community on ECU's coverage map to apply
  • Must be 18 years or older with valid social security number


  • ECU conducts a debt-to-income ratio comparison, credit score will determine interest rate.
  • Long term loans will make payments lower and more affordable, pay extra when you can.
  • There is no prepayment penalty, origination fee, nor is there an application fee.
  • ECU has a quick application process
  • ECU has an asset recovery group that evaluates loans on a case-by-case basis for borrowers who are experiencing difficulty in making payments.


  • ECU has locations in two states, so not many people will be eligible to apply.
  • Offers longer term loans which will increase interest over the life of the loan
  • They do charge late payment fees, the amount is dependent on your remaining loan balance
  • When applying for loan consolidation they do a hard credit pull, so it may lower your credit score.

Best For

  • Those who are already members of ECU. It may be easier to establish a good working relationship with your local branch. It is worth an appointment to find out.

If you choose to consolidate any Federal student loans be advised you will lose many of the benefits which come with government loans. This can include deferment, loan forgiveness, forbearance, income-based repayment plans and perhaps even a loan discharge. In exchange for a lower and more manageable loan payment you lose the flexibility of the Federal Student Loan Program.

Documents Needed to Apply For ECU's Consolidation Program

Be prepared with the following required information

  • Driver’s License
  • Your salary and employment information
  • You’ll need loan statements for each of the loans you want to consolidate
  • They require a month's worth of pay stubs.
  • If you are applying with a co-applicant they are required to submit the same information.

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