Six Best Universities for Providing Financial Aid

Going to college can be incredibly expensive, whether you’re a local or an international student. Luckily, various universities are well-known for the excellent financial aid options made available to their students.

If you’re looking for ways to decrease the cost of tuition, you may consider applying to some of the following colleges.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University inNashville,Tennessee, tops numerous charts when it comes to the provision of financial aid. The estimated average family education debt of students attending this college is 6,649 dollars – one of the lowest in the country.

The average cost of education at the university is 160,791 dollars. Ten per cent of the university students get merit awards and the average merit grant is quite impressive – 23,789 dollars. There are three signature merit-based scholarship programs – Ingram Scholars, Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars and Chancellor’s Scholars. In addition, the university has veterans educational benefits, an undergraduate yellow ribbon program, loans and grants.

According to official university information, 65 per cent of the undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance.

Harvard University

International students that are looking for cost-efficient learning opportunities should consider Harvard University. Apart from being well-known for the quality of its educational programs, Harvard provides a range of merit-based scholarships.

The number of international graduate students that received financial assistance during the 2014/2015 academic year was 524. The average aid awarded to international undergraduate students for the same period was 53,409 dollars.

Harvard has several types of aid that students can apply for. There are scholarships, federal grants, outside awards, loans and job opportunities. According to official university information, nearly 60 per cent of all undergraduate students receive some type of financial aid.

Duke University

North Carolina’s Duke University is a private research academic facility. Founded back in 1838, the university has excellent educational opportunities and some lucrative financial assistance options.

The average cost of tuition atDukeUniversity is 67,654 dollars for undergraduate students. Nearly 12 per cent of the undergraduate students receive merit-based scholarships. An average merit-based scholarship totals 20,000 dollars.

DukeUniversity reports that 55 per cent of the undergraduate students benefit from some financial assistance. The types of financial aid include Duke need-based grants and scholarships, self-help loan packages, work-study programs, tuition benefits and outside scholarships.

Washington and Lee University

Known for its excellent liberal arts programs, Washington and Lee University makes it possible for undergraduate students to reduce the cost of tuition significantly.

Statistics show that eight per cent of the undergraduate students get merit-based scholarships and the average amount is 35,060 dollars. The average family education-related debt for students is 15,270 dollars.

The university has one very lucrative opportunity called Johnson Scholarship. The scholarship is available annually and it’s provided to 44 students. This is a merit-based program for exceptional performance and it covers the full cost of tuition and housing.

Skidmore College

Skidmore College is another university that has excellent financial assistance packages for both local and international students. The number of international students that got a scholarship during the past academic year was 96 and the average scholarship totalled 56,600 dollars.

There are two types of merit-based awards that students can apply for. The Filene Music Scholarship is a four-year grant that totals 48,000 totals. It’s provided without financial need considerations and on the basis of performance. The Porter Presidential Scholarships in Science and Mathematics are given for exceptional accomplishments in these disciplines and each four-year scholarship totals 60,000 dollars. Work-study options, federal grants and loans are also available for the students in need of financial assistance.

University of Richmond

The private liberal arts college has also made it to the ranking featuring the top financial assistance providers. University of Richmond provides merit-based scholarships to 16 per cent of the students. The average scholarship at this academic institution is 23,300 dollars.

The total cost of going toUniversity ofRichmond for undergraduate studies averages 59,210 dollars. According to the university’s official presentation, 60 per cent of students receive some type of financial assistance and 40 per cent of undergraduates have access to need-based programs.

Merit-based scholarships are available in just about all of the university’s departments. Computer science students, for example, have access to five different scholarships and awards that are both need and merit-based. Work-study options and loans are also available for the students in need.