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Bankrupt Your Student Loans- Book Review

College graduation is a fulfilment in every student’s life. But do you really feel the fulfilment when you know that you have a loan waiting for your payment? Of course everyone will be worried when they know that they owe the bank some money. Along the way, you will be finding ways on how to pay this debt. You will probably end up asking yourself if there’s a way to bankrupt your student loan. Most people tell you that it is impossible to bankrupt student loans. But this book tells you that it is possible to bankrupt student loans. […]

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Joe Mihalic’s Destroy Student Debt- Book Review

The author (Joe Mihalic) is really determined to combat and destroy student debt from the student loan program that was imposed by the government decades ago. It was clear that most people were victims of student loan and until now, the problem of paying the loan still exists especially when there are quotas. […]

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