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Federal Direct Consolidation Loans Company Review 2014

The ideal of going to school and getting a degree sometimes carries us away. We take what we can get in the form of grants and scholarships, and then we take out loans to fill in the financial gaps that are left. This is all so that we can succeed in reaching the goal of finishing school, meeting the expectation of graduating, and finding success. […]

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7 Steps To Consolidate Student Loans

Loan consolidation companies are always eager to rope in students with new loans and help them pay off their tuition and cost of living associated with college. Consolidating loans sounds easy enough: combine all loans and credit card debt into one easy monthly payment, but those who don't do their research can end up paying more money than they should be. Here are seven easy steps to find the consolidation loan plan that is right for you and avoid the problems that are associated with loan consolidation. […]

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