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Should you pay off credit cards or student loans first?

People around the world beg the question, should I pay off my credit cards or my student loans first? This is not only a great question, but a well debated one. Some would argue for the credit card for certain reasons and vice versa. Instead of taking a specific response one way or another, we’ve decided to provide a plan to help you decide which one is best. Please read along and you too can create a plan that fits your situation. […]

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Best Student Credit Cards

Student credit cards are a good way for graduates and undergraduates to safely build a credit line, which will affect what kind of loans they can get in the future, especially student loans for tuition and college life. Student credit cards also offer a lot of rewards for purchases that are made, including money back. Some cards even reward students for maintaining a certain GPA, as well as paying their bills on time. However, a credit right that fits one's lifestyle and finances should be researched carefully, and comparison shopping is essential when trying ti avoid the fine print. […]

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Discover It Review

Finding a credit card that's right for graduates and undergraduates in college can be difficult, especially for cards that provide needed incentives as well as helping to pay off student loan debt. Several major banks are beginning to develop credit and debit cards that are beneficial to college students by providing cash back that can be used towards the payment of loans, while building up the student's credit rating and raising his credit score. One such credit card is the Discover It credit card, issued by Discover Financial, and here are a few of the financial features it has that makes it one of the best credit cards for graduates and undergraduates to get. […]

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