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How to get my credit score above 700

Introduction: Starting early adds up big time Unfortunately the younger we are the harder it is for us to have the foresight to invest in the long game and make sound choices for our future. This is not a matter of intellect but rather of experience. Our priorities are rather vague before we are forced [...]

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How College Grads Can Get a Near-Perfect Credit Score


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CU Student Loans Company Review 2014

CU Student Loans is a partnership of Credit Unions offering private student loans to those who need funding above and beyond what they are able to get through grants, scholarships, and Federal loans. The advantage of using a Credit Union, as opposed to a bank, is that Credit Unions are not-for-profit. This means that more savings are passed on to you, rather than fees, because you are a part of the Credit Union; you have to be a member in order to use their services. […]

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When You Graduate, Is Your Credit Score More Valuable Than Your GPA?

When you are at graduate school all you can think about is getting good GPAs so that you can make your way up to a good career position. Your GPA reflects your knowledge but that is not necessarily efficient because some people are really good at “grabbing things” and learning stuff in class, but they are not good at applying that knowledge in real life situations. Practical application of all the knowledge that you have gained at your graduate school is what should really matter. How does one get to know how much a person is efficient in applying his knowledge in the practical world? Well, your credits say a lot about you as a person. They reflect your efficiency at facing the practical world, your ability to survive in the real world without creating a mess. […]

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6 Ways to improve your credit score while still in school

We’ve all heard that old adage “Cash is King.” In this day and time if “Cash is King”, credit “Rules the Universe.” It absolutely imperative that you improve upon your credit and build a positive score which will allow you to acquire the things you desire. A major problem for students in college is lack of financial knowledge which includes credit management and building. I’ve detailed a clear cut strategy which includes 6 ways to improve your credit while still in school. Follow these steps and I can assure your score will skyrocket in no time. […]

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3 Ways to Build Your Credit

Building your credit and having a high FICO score is a way to let lenders know that you can responsibly handle debt repayment. If you have no credit history, you have to build one for the sole purpose of proving that you are worthy of receiving credit from various lending institutions. For example if you are looking to get a student loan and you have no cosigner and no credit history you are going to have a very difficult time. If you’ve yet to establish credit, or are looking to rebuild credit, then here are a few ways to help give your credit the boost it needs: […]

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