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Financial Aid for Older and Non-traditional Students

These days, you can attend college and university at any age, people don’t have one career but a few, and often older adults will return to school to complete a degree they began working towards as young adults. Experience is valuable, and often people are able to base their careers on their experience, but paper can be valuable too. It is becoming more and more common for people to go back to school for a diploma they need to further their career, or change careers perhaps. Older students and non-traditional students are becoming increasingly commonplace on campuses. […]

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Financial Aid for Minority Students

Going to college is not easy. For many young adults, it is their initiation into the real world, and it can be a difficult transition. Compared to grade-school, the classes can be more difficult, with more challenging material to cover in less time, and with teachers who are less interested in helping you keep up. Social situations can catch you unprepared; the student body of a college or university is much more diverse than that of a high school. Oftentimes people say, “I wish I knew that when I was in college.” Whether they are talking about the amount of courses to take, which extracurricular activities to get involved in, or how to balance studying and socializing, college carries a learning curve for all and a steep one for many. […]

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Financial Aid for Disabled Student

Going to college is a rewarding experience. Often, the more rewarding an experience is, the more costly it is. The United States, though, is filled with opportunities. Scholarships and grants are available to make higher education more affordable and available to everyone, including those with disabilities. Scholarships and grants are allotments of money given out to help students pay for college and university. They do not need to be paid back, the way student loans do. Scholarships and grants are given out on the basis of a student’s achievements, background, interests, qualities, needs, etc. Individual states participate in particular scholarship programs, so these vary from state to state. You can get information about financial aid and other resources at your school’s financial aid office, or you can do research online if you are still deciding which school to attend. […]

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HEROES Act Provides Financial Relief for Students

Getting a college education often presents a significant financial burden, and students in the armed forces face particularly harsh challenges when they are called to active service. In 2003, the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) act was signed into law, ensuring financial flexibility and assistance to students in the military affected by deployment in times of war or emergency. The Secretary of Education may now regulate any statutory or regulatory aspects of Title IV student financial aid. Affected individuals eligible for these provisions, along with their spouses and dependents, include: • […]

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