Private Student Loan Interest Rates for the 2013-14 School Year

Needing to obtain a private student loan is a necessity for many college students. All experts advise that student max out all Federal loan opportunities before turning to the private sector. When applying for a private student loan, students should do a lot of research to obtain the most favorable terms. The private student loan market is constantly changing and becoming more confusing, as less lenders offer private student loans. The Lowest Rate May Not Be the Best Rate Susan Tompor, writing for USA Today, points out that students need to be especially careful of rock bottom loans. Be extra careful about jumping at the first student loan rate you spot online at 2.25% or      3.25%. Many of the bargain-basement rates on private student loans are variable rates. So, if interest rates climb in the next few years, as they likely will, you'd be stuck repaying that loan after graduation at a much higher rate […]