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Student Loan News – February 07, 2014

Here are the best articles from around the web this week talking about student loans… For the week ending Friday February 07, 2014 Student Loan News: 1. Student loan refinancing bill draws packed hearing, questions about its effectiveness: A Democratic bill to help ease the budget crunch for three-quarters of a million student loan borrowers drew a packed house at a Wednesday legislative hearing, with a doctor and aspiring lawyer speaking in favor and some industry professionals saying the bill needs changes to reach its intended goals. […]

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Cedar Education Lending Company Review 2014

Refinancing your student loans is a great way to help you budget. Finances can be complicated when you first get out of school. Having a single payment, instead of multiple ones, can help a lot. If you got different loans throughout your years in school, they probably are all for different amounts and have different interest rates. Interest rates are low right now, and consolidating all of your loans together usually gets you a better rate. A low interest rate is the best thing to look for when thinking of taking out a new loan. […]

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