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3 Student Loan Scams to Watch Out For

Looking for a student loan? Looking to consolidate student loans? Looking for help? Peruse the internet; there are thousands of firms ready to give you money. Watch out. Here are three student loan scams to watch out for: 1) Advance Fee Plan: These guys will tell you they’ll get you the highest amount at the lowest rate. They charge you up front to get the paperwork started, and you do the paperwork. They collect their money and you’re left holding the bag; Student Loan Scam Alert. Deal only with reputable, preferably Federal funding agencies. Go to your financial aid office and check out anyone who has approached you as a student needing funds, and ask for help identifying reputable sources of student loans. Watch out; protect yourself. […]

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Student Debt Elimination Scams You Should Be Afraid Of

Remedying Bad Credit-Sound Too Good to Be True?-It Probably Is! Unfortunately, there are no quick cures to eliminate bad debt. Think about it for a minute; if there were, no one would ever have credit problems. So, if you come across what sounds like an unbelievable remedy for your credit troubles, BEWARE!!! All too often, these “debt elimination” student debt scams attempt to take advantage of struggling debtors by charging large fees that promise to erase debt and which, of course, never do. In most instances, people who owe large amounts of money, either on their mortgage, on auto loans or their multiple credit cards, are anxious to get relief from their bills and are, thus, vulnerable to these scams. […]

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The Student Loan Scam- Book Review

“Education is life” as what J. Dewey says, that is why there are lots of programs created to help and convince people to continue education. Through education, ignorance has been eliminated. Aside from scholarship programs, student loans have been introduced to help those students who can’t afford to pursue their studies, preferably the low and middle class families. At first, student loan had been very helpful and effective. Many students have finished college and were able to land a job. Because of the successful output of this program, US were able to change the world, especially in the field of technology. Through this achievement, many students were criticized to continue to school. That was a way better before since tuition fees are very affordable. However after decades passed by, the insight of student loans has been changed. Instead of helping   the less fortunate people, they are the ones who put them down. So loan companies are making student loan scam. […]

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