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The Ten Best Under-30 Money Bloggers

Knowing how to best plan your finances and what budget to establish in different moments of your life are important skills, especially for people under the age of 30. College students need to become familiar with these topics if they do not want to run into any major financial difficulties during their studies. Most of the time, students find that being full-time students will barely allow them to engage in other activities, and it is virtually impossible for them to get a job without affecting the quality of their studies. […]

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Don’t Give Money Away: Shop Around For Student Loans

If you're looking for ways to finance your graduate or undergraduate education, it pays to shop around for student loans. There are so many different kinds available to everyone in various situations – there's no excuse for paying too much money or getting the wrong loan! The best place to start is with Federal loans. Almost all students are eligible to receive some form of Federal aid, regardless of credit rating or their family’s financial circumstances. The loan amounts can be fairly modest, but they are invaluable for supplementing grants, scholarships or contributions made by another party or your own wallet. And, they offer a grace period of six months after graduation in most cases, and sometimes loans without interest accrual during school can be made to those with greater financial needs. […]

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Review – The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke

It seems like most people have a love-hate relationship with Suze Orman. Either they love her or they hate her. Although she is a renowned expert on all things financial, she often gives advice in a manner that is off-putting to many people. I have never really had much an opinion about her one way or the other, and have been known to listen to her show on occasion. I had not, however, read any of her books until being loaned The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, & Broke. After having read it and taken much of her advice to heart, I have to admit to being fully on the pro-Suze Orman side. […]

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