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Bad Credit Student Loan Consolidation

When it comes to bad credit student loan consolidation, federal loan programs are, in most cases, the best way to go. Legitimate private lenders across the board, such as banks, require good credit from their borrowers in order to ensure competitive interest rates, and most private lenders will not even consider those borrowers who have a bad or no credit history. Unlike these private lenders, the government does not seek to turn a profit from their student loan consolidations and there are several federal loan consolidation programs that do not require credit history checks. […]

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9 Musts To Qualify For Federal Student Aid Without a Cosigner

The best way to get a student loan without a cosigner is to apply for federal student aid. You do not need a cosigner or a credit history to apply for a federal student loan, but must meet a few other requirements. You must […]

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Student Loans Without a Cosigner

Every year, millions of students struggle to find ways to pay for their post-secondary educations. If you don't have a cosigner for your student loans than getting student loans will be ever harder. There are many different ways to help finance their education, and loans are one of the many options as to how to pay for school. This article will show you what your options are to pay for college if you do not have a student loan co-signer. […]

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