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Easiest Eight grants to get to help pay off student loans

A grant differs from a loan in one basic way: it’s free money given to you because you fall into a certain category, have earned it through work, or someone wants to support you in your work. A grant is most often awarded based on financial need and other factors. Grants are based on need, merit, field/work specific, athletics, housing, minority based, educational, or goal-based. There are tons of grants out there you can look at to use to pay off your loan. […]

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Reasons Why You Haven’t Paid Off Your Student Loan Yet

College graduation, the best day of your life! On this day you’ll embark on so many new feats which includes a new career and new friends in new places to name a few. There is one other major obligation you’re on the hook for rather you realize it or not and that’s your student loans. Believe me, paying back student loans isn’t any fun, which explains why so many Americans place this responsibility on the back burner. Below are a few reasons why student loans don’t get paid. Take a very close look at these examples and make sure you don’t fall within any of them. […]

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Shocking Extremes People Have Gone to Pay Off Student Loans

How much are you willing to sacrifice to pay off your student loans? Some don’t even care if they get paid or not and some have such an extreme desire to shed debt that they go all out. How extreme are we talking, read below for some shocking extremes people have gone to pay off student loans. […]

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