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Should you pay off credit cards or student loans first?

People around the world beg the question, should I pay off my credit cards or my student loans first? This is not only a great question, but a well debated one. Some would argue for the credit card for certain reasons and vice versa. Instead of taking a specific response one way or another, we’ve decided to provide a plan to help you decide which one is best. Please read along and you too can create a plan that fits your situation. […]

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Reasons Why You Haven’t Paid Off Your Student Loan Yet

College graduation, the best day of your life! On this day you’ll embark on so many new feats which includes a new career and new friends in new places to name a few. There is one other major obligation you’re on the hook for rather you realize it or not and that’s your student loans. Believe me, paying back student loans isn’t any fun, which explains why so many Americans place this responsibility on the back burner. Below are a few reasons why student loans don’t get paid. Take a very close look at these examples and make sure you don’t fall within any of them. […]

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Shocking Extremes People Have Gone to Pay Off Student Loans

How much are you willing to sacrifice to pay off your student loans? Some don’t even care if they get paid or not and some have such an extreme desire to shed debt that they go all out. How extreme are we talking, read below for some shocking extremes people have gone to pay off student loans. […]

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Pay Off Student Loans or Mortgage?

The often debated subject, should I pay off my student loans or my mortgage has resulted in many hours or research and study. First off, there’s no such thing as the right answer to this question. It’s mainly based on a series of criteria which we’ll discuss today. Review the below bullet points and you’ll be able to determine which direction you need to travel in first. […]

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Pay Off Student Loans or Invest?

Just landed that marquee job post-graduation and have a boat load of cash lying around? Consider yourself lucky in a time where McDonalds wants you to have a college degree to work the register. If you are one of those lucky ones, you have a few very important questions to ask yourself which is “should I pay of my student loans or invest?” This topic is widely debated and some have argued for one or another. There are a plethora of different considerations that must be made before determining the answer to this question. Let’s get started. […]

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