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5 Ways to Pay for College

Aspiring students know that a college education is considered valuable in business, but getting a degree can cost tens of thousands of dollars – money most young adults do not have.  Before blindly signing off on a complicated loan or deciding to forgo college altogether, investigate your options.  There is a variety of ways to get money for school, including loans, scholarships, and other methods you may not have considered. […]

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Pay Off Student Loans or Mortgage?

The often debated subject, should I pay off my student loans or my mortgage has resulted in many hours or research and study. First off, there’s no such thing as the right answer to this question. It’s mainly based on a series of criteria which we’ll discuss today. Review the below bullet points and you’ll be able to determine which direction you need to travel in first. […]

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Grad Save Review – Let Family Help Pay Off Your Student Loans

There is no doubt that the expense of sending a child to college is increasing every year. Although there are a variety of student loans and grants available, they often do not cover the entire cost of a college education. In addition, such methods of financing a child’s education often leave a struggling college graduate with large amounts of debt. At GradSave, parents have another option for helping their children pay for the expense of college without having to rely on student loans. […]

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What’s The Maximum? Is There A Limit To Student Loan Money?

If you’re trying to figure out how to pay for college or graduate school, you've probably wondered if there’s a limit to the amount you can take out in student loans. Technically, no. Realistically, yes. Federal loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized, have very strict limits. (Subsidized loans are need-based and proof of financial need is required; unsubsidized don’t have need requirements but your education costs must exceed the amount of financial aid awarded). […]

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