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Private Student Loan Without Cosigner

With the cost of college going up every year all that money your parents saved for your education is far from enough, and not everyone can afford college out of pocket. So then you need to turn to student loans. Now going to college and leaving the comfort of your home is scary, but now you also need to hunt down student loans. Well the website Student Loan Next Work ( really can help you navigate the student loan process. First Student Loan Network really breaks down financial aid and student loans. They explain everything from scholarships and grants to FAFSA. After that Student Loan Network goes into federal and private loans and really helps you see what’s affordable for you and your family. […]

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Student Loan News – August 9, 2013

Here are the best articles from around the web this week talking about student loans… For the week ending Friday August 9, 2013 Student Loan News: 1. Consumer protection chief puts focus on student loans:  Staggering student loan debt has the same kind of ripple effect on the economy as the subprime mortgage crisis did, the [...]

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Types Private Student Loans

A great majority of student loans come from private sources. If you hear about a student having to pay off student loan payments after he or she graduates, the loan is likely from a private source. The federal government has reliable loan programs in place for students in need, but these loans often fall short of all college expenses. As a result, students look to private student loans to fill the gap. […]

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7 Tips To Make The Most of Private Student Loan Consolidation

Just as the national student loan debt has risen, so has the popularity of student loan consolidation. The concept has several advantages and disadvantages. Possible benefits would be eliminating the need to juggle several different private student loans by reducing it to just one with a single lender. This benefit would apply only if you either don’t have federal student loans in addition to private ones, or you’ve been able to locate a consolidating lender who offers the consolidation of private and federal student loans together, a practice which is becoming ever more uncommon. In addition, you may be able to negotiate a lower monthly payment; you’ll only have to deal with the rules and regulations of one lender, versus having the rules and regulations of many lenders; and you might be able to lock in a lower fixed interest rate than you have on your existing loans. Also, if you should find yourself unemployed or sick, it’s easier to get leniency from a single lender than trying to work it out with multiple ones. […]

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4 Smart Steps To Take Before Attending School

1) Take the FAFSA. One of the first steps you should do when considering attending college is to take the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be found online at You can also speak with the financial advisors at whichever financial institution you‘re interested in attending and they can help you [...]

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Finding Student Loans

Researching student loan options should be next on your list after applying to undergraduate or graduate school. If you already know you will need financing of some kind for your degree – and in this day and age it's rare not to need it – take the time to find resources that can offer the best economic program for your life. […]

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Financing Your Education

Various types of aid are available for students who need help financing their education. The majority of undergraduates cannot afford to complete their education without some form of assistance. Here are the most common helpful ways to secure educational funding: STUDENT LOANS This is financial aid that must be repaid with interest. There are four main categories: Student loans Parent loans Private student loans Consolidation loans […]

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How To Receive Money From Lenders

Generally speaking, a federally subsidized or unsubsidized loan or private loan can be sent directly to the student, or sent to the student's school to be put in their account. Federal student loans have two distribution channels, both of which can cut a check directly to the borrower or the school. The channels have two names, and are funded differently: Federal Direct Student Loans (otherwise called Direct Loans, or FDLP) and Federal Family Education Loans (FFELP). […]

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5 Repayment Options To Consider

Besides the total amount of your student loans, you’ll want to know what you can expect in terms of a repayment plan. This is one of the most important pieces of homework you should do when you decide to take out any educational loan. You might be tempted to push off thinking about repayment options – after all, they seem so far away in time – but the reality is, graduation day will arrive faster than you think, or you might be paying off some of the loan during school. […]

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Are You Eligible for an FSEOG Grant

Like other types of financial aid programs, the only people eligible for a FSEOG Grant are families that demonstrate strict financial need. Anyone who proves that they can afford college tuition is ineligible for the FSEOG and Pell Grants. Financial need takes into account a family's income, size, assets, as well as the cost of tuition. If the cost of tuition is well above the Expected Family Contribution, a FSEOG Grant will be awarded. […]

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