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Navient Student Loan Servicer Review


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Grad School Funding

Graduate and professional students often graduate with far more debt than undergraduate students. However, there are a variety of financial aid options to help fund your advanced degree. The specifics vary according to the type of degree you are seeking. The two main options are student loans (which must be repaid, with interest) and scholarships. With borrowed money, maximum interest rates are regulated for all federally-guaranteed loans. Many lenders choose to lower the interest rates to attract borrowers, and federal education loans tend to offer lower interest rates and more flexible payback plans than regular consumer loans. […]

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4 Student Loan Stories This Week Worth Reading

This week there are some helpful articles that have been written that cover topics about investing, date of graduation and other factors that all influence how your student loans will impact your life. I have had a busy week posting articles each day here as well as a couple guest posts. It has been a pleasure to read these student loan related articles… […]

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