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7 Best Student Loan Consolidation Companies

When you face challenges managing your debts, you may look for better ways to manage the bills and get back on the financial track. Debt consolidation offers a great way to handle your debts since you’ll be dealing with a single lender. You should be keen on the best lenders providing loan consolidation for students [...]

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CU Student Loans Company Review 2014

CU Student Loans is a partnership of Credit Unions offering private student loans to those who need funding above and beyond what they are able to get through grants, scholarships, and Federal loans. The advantage of using a Credit Union, as opposed to a bank, is that Credit Unions are not-for-profit. This means that more savings are passed on to you, rather than fees, because you are a part of the Credit Union; you have to be a member in order to use their services. […]

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Wells Fargo Student Loan Company Review 2014

Combining your private student loans can make life simpler. You will have only one monthly payment, and it will be much easier to see where you are at with your debt. Some people do this as soon as they get out of school and others wait until the grace period for their loans is over to take advantage of that time without having to make payments. It is good to remember that loan consolidation is a process. First you need to research lenders, ideally you will want to find a co-signer, then you will need to apply, and finally you will need to be approved. The approval process can take up to 60 days, so you might want to begin the process before your grace period runs out. […]

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StudentLoanNetwork Student Loan Company Review 2014

The StudentLoanNetwork is an excellent place to go for information about anything related to student loans. They are a lender but primarily provide the service of allowing you to compare lenders. They also explain everything clearly to help you understand and find what you are looking for. Regarding loan consolidation, they have a site specifically for that subject:  You will find information about both federal and private loan consolidation as well as all the benefits and different repayment options available to you. […]

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Federal Student Aid Loan Company Review 2014  This website will answer all of your questions about federal student aid. It is common advice to first check out all federal options available to you before looking at private options. Definitely, you want to obtain as much scholarship and grant money as you can, because this money isn’t loan money- you don’t have to pay it back! Federal loans can also help out with interest, through subsidized loans and rates. […]

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10 Private Student Loan Companies

In addition to student loans offered by the U.S. Department of Education, many private lenders offer loan programs designed for college students.  It is usually best to exhaust your federal student aid, including federal student loans, before taking out private loans because the government offers more flexible repayment options and better interest rates than most private organizations do.  If you do need more money for school, here are ten private student loan programs.  Please keep in mind that these companies are organized by name only – the order of the list is no reflection of how “good” any one lender is. […]

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