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5 Reasons to Refinance Your Student Loans

College graduates have a lot on items on their “to do” list; resumes, job interviews and perhaps finding a new place to live.  You may also want to consider refinancing your student loans. Reason 1: Simplify Your Repayments Allison Kade of The Street says that “One of the biggest reasons is to simplify your repayments: When you consolidate, you go from having a bunch of separate loans to one monthly bill.” It’s not unusual for grads to have 8 or more student loans, which is a lot of separate bills to remember. Consolidation and refinancing greatly simplifies repayments. […]

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Best Time To Refinance a Student Loan

For those students who are about to graduate from college, the idea of beginning to repay substantial student loan debt can be overwhelming. There may be questions about when the best time to refinance a student loan is, or if it is a good idea to refinance the loans at all. We have created a brief guide that will help answer some of the pressing questions for college graduates. […]

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