The Best College Scholarships Available in Pennsylvania

So you've decided that you'd like to go to college. Maybe you've taken a few years off after high school to build up your resume, or you might be a recent high school graduate looking to get straight into higher education. Whatever your story, a quick look into tuitions and fees will confirm what you've already known: college is expensive. Don't be disheartened by the numbers. Getting a college education in Pennsylvania is more possible now than ever before. Pennsylvania residents are able to apply for all kinds of grants and scholarships that will provide the financial aid they need to make their dreams of a degree into a reality.

The state of Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of higher learning institutions. Colleges, trade schools, and universities of all specialties and sizes are only an application away for Keystone state locals. Whatever you plan to major in or your financial situation you'll find scholarships and grants designed to help people like you obtain a college degree.

You've heard all the campfire horror stories about student loans. You have family or friends struggling to pay back their loans years after graduation. Student loans are fuel for nightmares and sleepless nights. This is why scholarships and grants are much better than student loans because some don't ask for their money back. This means with the right grants and scholarships you can complete a full four-year degree with little to no financial debt after graduation!

The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC) is a philanthropic organization that has helped Pennsylvanian high school and post-secondary students with the financial aid they need to continue on to higher learning. If you're wondering about the kinds of scholarships that are available to you -- and you live in Pennsylvania -- contact TEFC for consultation and guidance. They manage and administer hundreds of scholarship funds each and every year that total up to millions of dollars in scholastic gifts.

The following is a list of some of the more prominent scholarships and grants available to financially challenged students in Pennsylvania. You can learn more about each scholarship by visiting its website and contacting its support staff with any questions you may have. If you find yourself eligible for multiple grants and scholarships, don't hesitate to apply for all of them! Just be careful to read contract details to make sure you're not taking on future debt or agreeing to a workload that you can't handle.

AAHA Lou Manzione Scholarship

The Lou Manzione scholarship is one of the most well-known post-secondary scholarships in the state of Pennsylvania. AAHA Lou Manzione scholarship provides funds for hockey-loving high school students planning to go to college. This scholarship is available to high school seniors that are members of the USA Hockey Association. The scholarship awards two prizes of $1,000 to one New Jersey senior and one high school senior from Delaware or Pennsylvania.

More information about the AAHA Lou Manzione Scholarship can be found here.

Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

The Actuarial Diversity Scholarship is a scholarship program available to students with a GPA of 3.0 and of African American, Native North American, Pacific Islander, or Hispanic American descent. The scholarship aims to promote racial diversity in the actuarial profession through financial aid.

Members of a minority group that are intent on a career as an insurance underwriter are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants must score a minimum of 28 on their ACT math test and submit their application by May 2. The amount of the aid awarded to the recipient of this scholarship increases as their higher education progresses. You can re-apply every year.

Find out more about this scholarship here.

Olivia M. Marquart Scholarship

Named for Olivia Marquart, a young woman suffering from a rare disease that affects her lungs. This scholarship is granted yearly to a young adult who is a cancer survivor or is currently being treated for cancer. A grant of $2,500 is awarded to a Pennsylvanian resident with a real financial need.

Get more details about the Olivia M. Marquart scholarship here.

The "I Matter" Scholarship

This scholarship aims to jumpstart post-secondary education for graduating high school seniors looking to jump straight into college. The I Matter Scholarship helps pay the tuition of senior students that have completed the requirements of their diploma and have been accepted, or are enrolled in, an accredited undergraduate program for the fall following their high school graduation. The scholarship is for $5,000, granted to 50 applicants attending a school in areas with a VILLA store. helps pay the tuition for graduating seniors that are have enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program by fall. Fifty $5,000 scholarships will be awarded to applicants who are high school students attending a school in a metropolitan area with a VILLA store.

Inquire about the I Matter Scholarship here.

Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarships

This scholarship is a good deal sillier than most of the scholarships listed so far. The Henkal Corporation's "Stuck at Prom" scholarship awards a $10,000 scholarship to fifty high school seniors in the United States and Canada. The specifics of the scholarship are what sets Stuck At Prom apart from others. Applicants must craft and wear an outfit to prom that is made entirely out of duct tape. Color photograph evidence must be submitted along with the application form. The couple in question must provide complete to the Henkal Corporation to be eligible for the grant. Applicants under the age of 18 must also include a signed release. Applications are to be submitted before May 31st.

Check out more about the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarships here.

Pride GVL Rainbow Scholarship Fund

The Pride GVL Rainbow Scholarship fund aims to provide financial support to high school graduates that are interested in promoting a positive image and increasing social awareness about alternative lifestyles in their local and national communities. The Rainbow Scholarship offers three $500 scholarships to LGBTQ+ teens every year. The submission deadline is July 1.

Find more information about the Pride GVL Rainbow Scholarship Fund here.