The best schools have a great financial aid department, and these are the three best Christian University with financial aid packages. They remain unsurpassed in this area, bringing to future school candidates top choices in aid. These universities deserve applause for understanding the needs of students and implementing a financial aid department which is a handshake to success.

Northwest University

This college takes investing in the students’ future seriously. They are deemed “best bang for your buck” and are nationally recognized for their financial aid packages. The variety and abundance of different ways to finance college begin right here. U.S. News has commended Northwest University for being one of the Best Value for Colleges in the West.

They offer generous amounts of aid and work hard to keep school costs low. Financial aid is awarded in four categories: grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study. The student financial aid package is awarded with a combination of several different kinds of aid from various sources. The university has unique aid options, some of those include:

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Assemblies of God Tuition Credit
  • Bible Quiz
  • Debate Scholarship
  • District Youth Directors Scholarship
  • Family Tuition Credit
  • International Scholarship
  • Ministry Success Award
  • Northwest Athletic Scholarship
  • Northwest Missionary Tuition Credit
  • Northwest University Success Award
  • Nurse R.O.T.C. Scholarship
  • Presidential & Provost’s Scholarships
  • R.O.T.C. Scholarship
  • Talent (music) Scholarship

Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University may be small, but they are big on financial aid. They believe the benefits of a college education far outweigh all the cost involved. The financial aid department is eager to help their students get the money they need to pay for college. The average financial aid package at Ohio Christian University is $ 20, 254 and this number goes up significantly.

The standard forms of aid still apply here with federal grants and loans. They also have some one-of-a-kind aid available. Some of these offerings are:

Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) - income-based with gift aid up to $1872.

Renewable Scholarships - based on incoming criteria such as GPA, class rank, ACT scores, up to $8000 per year.

OCU Scholarships- Up to $7500 per year in aid award.

Church Matching Grant- Scholarship paid through the church funds then matched by OCU. OCU matches student’s church contribution up to $500 per semester.

Good Neighbor Quality Student Grant/ Christian Home schools Grant- Students from certain counties and home schools are eligible for up to $1,000 per year with this grant.

Sibling Grant-eligibility based on claim as dependent. It is a cash award of $250 dollars per sibling per semester.

Athletic Scholarships- for the varsity athletes, award is based on diverse factors.

At Ohio Christian University, their financial aid department is oriented towards the students needs, they go above the line to ensure their students get the money they need for a complete education. Small, but packing a big punch, is Ohio Christian University.

Texas Christian University

Founded in 1873, Texas Christian University is high-ranking in the 2015 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities. It is the biggest religious university and open to students of any faith. The total number of students enrolling last year, 8,640, and tuition comes in at around $38, 600. But the good news is the financial aid department utilizes all possible ways to get college money for their students.

This well-rounded college creates an atmosphere of success in all areas, from the financial aid packages to the academic life. They are truly involved with each student’s total well-being. Volunteering is a big draw on this historic campus with an old west feel.

Texas Christian University implements new changes consistently to ensure their students receive the best school experience. The university has special study abroad programs available in London, Italy, and Spain.

The average financial aid package for incoming freshman is $24, 482. Texas Christian University is commendable with their level of aid, giving approximately 68% of incoming students financial assistance. Most of this aid is in terms of scholarships and grants. Texas Christian University offers some specialty grants, listed below:

TCU Grant- The amount varies and eligibility is required through a CSS profile, a G.P.A. of 2.5 is necessary for renewal of the grant.

Middle Income Assistance Grant- Generally between $500 and $2,800 dollars. TCU recognizes middle income families need for financial aid.

Tuition Equalization Grant Program- up to $3,250 awarded for successfully completing 24 credit hours for undergraduates, and 18 hours for graduate students, based on a 2.5 G.P.A.

Beasley Foundation Grant- For members of Disciples of Christ affiliation, made available through the Theodore and Beulah Beasley Foundation, Inc. Most awards range from $1000 to $4,000.

Texas Christian University is applaud- worthy with their long list of available grants and scholarships, these are just a few. The Middle Income Assistant Grant is incredibly noted here because of TCU’s special consideration for families and individuals who may not qualify for their other grant programs.