Cheapest Online Collegene College

To enable most of the students benefit, online schools should maintain a balance between the costs and the university. Although all schools can try, not everyone will be successful, which can have a direct impact on the student's studies. However, some schools have not only developed strict quality online courses with additional services required by students, but they are at least cheaper more than of other universities. This article uses the study credit hours in an attempt to provide a list of the best online university. Although this may not explain the range of fees that some institutions require students, it is a good starting point to find cheaper online deals today. The following schools have shown their ability to deliver with a price tag manageable scientific excellence for students doing online studies.

Murray State University

You will receive all services at a price of $ 7400. Although online programs taught by Murray State University are taught asynchronously, without stating a precise time student must sign and participate, courses focus on frequent interaction with peers and teachers. The communication via e-mail, online discussions and the use of the learning platform Blackboard is promoted. Students can expect to spend six to eight hours per course per week online and the program contains the same information and the same degree of rigor as their school counterparts on campus.

Fort Hays State University

Currently, Fort Hays State University is the best program of High School 16 Online rated by US News and ranked eighth in the online college. University of Fort Hays offers online programs for $ 199 per credit hour, a tuition for a semester estimated by 15 credits per hour to $ 2,985. At present, seven courses of study and certification programs are available. Business Management and business administration is the most popular online courses.

New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University is for students who cannot attend on-site courses or follow a traditional program. Many programs can be completed online, but some require short stays on campus. Areas of study in the field of administration and marketing business and engineering programs provide training in the levels of bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees. You can do an online course lesson of about $ 500. The university's online programs recommended for students who are self-disciplined, organized and motivated.

University of North Dakota

Psychology, general studies, mechanical engineering and communication are the most popular majors. The courses are available for students not to credit courses, but lifelong students. Through personal and professional development.

University of North Dakota offers online courses for $ 266 per credit hour or $ 3990 in estimation for a course load of a semester of 15 credits per semester course. 11 undergraduate degrees are currently available and a number of undergraduate degrees and diploma certificates.

Clarion University

Admissions are revision for more flexibility throughout the admission process, and classes are small because of the total online which about 300 students. Clarion University currently offers online courses for students from outside the state for $ 301 per credit hour. This results in an estimated total for the registration of a semester of 15 credits at $ 4515. Nine college programs currently offered completely online, with six additional levels that can be taken when you pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies.

Iowa State University

It charges a one-time fee of around $ 800 for online semester studies, making it one of the most affordable online colleges. Instructors provide a description of any plan early in the semester to set expectations and help students succeed. Some courses follow a cohort model, where students access documents at their convenience, while following a general schedule for the week. Others are self-paced, so students can set their own schedule for the semester and only after the deadline for course milestones.

Distance students from Iowa State University can gain an overall degree of liberal studies at the undergraduate level, or take one of the majors at postgraduate level. Each course should be structured with five learning plans e.g a technology plan, audit plan, accessibility plan, communication plan and rescue plan.

University of Aspen

Aspen offers 12-degree programs in business, criminal justice, general education, health, care and education. For your online offers, including exams and supervised Capstone projects.

Objective of financial responsibility includes providing Aspen University tuition fees are low enough that most students will be able to pay cash tuition. And $ 125 per credit hour (or $ 1,950 in tuition per estimated semester).

University of the Cumberlands

The University of Cumberlands also offers a number of online postgraduate programs. The courses are offered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats, so you can work at your own pace if you wish. The University of Cumberlands offers online programs of $ 199 per credit hour, a rounded enrollment estimated for one semester of 15 credits at $ 2985. At present, there are seven undergraduate programs and some certification programs. Management and business management is important the most popular.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology offers online courses for $ 220 per credit hour, or about $ 3,300 for a 15-hour semester load. Currently, four study programs are available completely online, including applied psychology, information technology, business management and technology and management. There are also a number of studies and certification programs programs focusing on the medical fields such as health clinic or sleep hygiene.

University of Arkansas

The RN-BSN program represents nearly half of all online students. New certifications and numerous postgraduate offers are also available online. The University of Arkansas offers online courses for $ 256 per credit hour or $ 3840 per semester hour. Currently, three undergraduate degrees are fully available online for general human resource education and workforce development And an RN-BSN program.