Graduation day is arguably one of the best days in the entire college experience.  After years of study, students are now ready to pursue a career in their chosen field and reap the rewards of their hard work. It also means that the start of student loan repayments is just around the corner. Sarah Ang, writing on says “Recent grads may very well agree that student loan debt is like the bastard child of the collegiate experience: unexpected, unwanted and very expensive for years to come.”

Student loan debt is a very real part of the college experience. Repayment is sometimes a problem. Students that encounter problems with repayment often choose to simply ignore the debt, which only makes the problem worse.

Help in managing student loan debt, regardless of the student’s financial situation is available.  Here are three sites that will help: – is a new site and app that aids in managing student aid.  Co-Founder and CEO of Brendon McQueen told Mashable’s Ang:

I graduated from Columbia in 2009, and I had 12 separate student loans. I couldn't even figure out who I owed cash to, or how much I owed them, or if I had any options at all. All of this stems from my own huge problem. It turns out that this is a huge problem for a ton of people — 37 million people in America. That's about two-thirds of every graduating class out of college, and as you probably know, outstanding student loan debt in America is hovering right at $1 trillion.

The free to join site, offers loan tracking tools, a glossary of terms, loan repayment tips, and an active blog that offers real world help to recent graduates. McQueen believes that having all of the information available at a glance, accompanied by the tools grads need to manage the debt is a major tool.

Easy Student Loan Relief – This site is geared more toward students who have multiple loans and are facing problems with repayment.  Easy Student Loan Relief offers legal help in loan consolidation, loan restructure and in some cases forgiveness of loans.  The site offers free information, a fairly complete FAQ and a live chat option.

LendEDU – This free site helps students with managing, prepayment and forgiveness. The site features payment calculators, help with consolidation, interest rate tables and guides to a number of rules and programs that can aid recent grads in managing their student loan debt. The site also allows users to compare rates from up to 12 of the leading student loan refinance lenders with one free application!

Student loans are a part of most students’ college experience. Fortunately managing student loans does not have to be a major problem.