So you go to class, you study, take exams, talk to your friends, eat, study some more, maybe party on the weekends, but you want more. You want to go out, or maybe even have a life. You have a student loan (or two) that you haven’t even thought about starting to pay back. You know to add to that debt is going to be a killer.

You’re smart enough to stop there. Earn some money to indulge yourself while you are working so hard to get that degree. You don’t have to go to the soul-sucking Craigslist route or work in a fast food job with high schoolers. With a little ingenuity, you can get a fun, easy, income-producing job without racking up more debt. Or smelling like French fries.


Avoid Debt

Avoid Debt

Here is a list of five best jobs in college to have to avoid debt. A special, money-savings treat? They’re all on campus!


1. Campus Tour Guide:

Use your knowledge to show the newbies and their parents around. You know the campus, you perfect your public speaking skills, and you become the go-to guy on campus as the expert. A bonus? Your face is recognizable, you get kudos, and you get a paycheck. Without adding to your debt.

Average Pay: $7 – $21 per hour

2. Resident Assistant:

Free living space and a salary? And you can study, stay on campus, work in your pajamas, get introduced to campus staff, which may lead to more work, and have some fun? How cool is that? It’s almost like not having a job. Live your life, study, and get your paycheck.

Average Pay: $7.74 – $12.00 an hour

3. Recreational Center:

There are a variety of jobs held by students at the athletic centers. Do what you love, have some control of an athletic environment, keep and stay fit, make some friends. And get paid. What’s not to love about this one? The pay is great, and you can live in the world where you get to work with other people just like you – passionate about athletics, sports, and keeping fit. Play games, learn a new sport, teach others the same. If this is your game, go for it.

Average Pay: $16.50

4. Receptionist

Answer phones, do some filing, make appointments and learn more about the school. Be the first person your instructors see if you work in their department, hear conversations between the instructors, know how they work, and help them get organized. It’s easy work, but it will look great on your resume, give you some contacts and earn you some money. Plus you get experience and references, and you’re not racking up any more debt.

Average Pay: $8 – $10

5. Brand Ambassador:

Last but certainly not least, you can be a brand ambassador. This means you can get hired by companies that want to appeal to college students (like Victoria’s Secret and Budweiser) to throw parties, use their stuff and talk it up. Often this leads to a career in marketing after college if you’ve done a good job. You’ll get marketing experience, make some new friends, get free stuff and earn some money, all while having a blast (it’s work, remember). And you don’t incur more debt, most of the stuff is free for you as an employee and a brand ambassador. How cool is that?


And that’s just while attending college. These jobs may extend over the summer, adding to your disposable income fund and maybe even beginning to put some away to get out of debt early. Open a savings account to systematically put away 10% of the money you’ve earned, let it accrue interest, and by the time you graduate that’s your first whack at your student loan, if you have any, or a solid savings account if you don’t. The point is to not accrue any additional debt while in college.