1. CU Student Loans Consolidation

The EdSucceed Private Student Loan Consolidation that is being given by cu consists of many of the benefits offered by the other companies. These benefits are such as a repayment program of 15 years, an interest only option of 4 years and 12 consecutive on time co-signer release.

Some of the requirements are such as a salary of $2,000 monthly and income for the co-signer that can be verified.

2. Student Loan Network Consolidation

The student loan network ensures that you get in touch with the lenders who can assist in the consolidation of your student loan. This is because they are basically a middle man and assist the time you get stuck getting a consolidation loan from some of the big private student loan consolidation companies.

Student Loan Companies

Student Loan Companies

3. Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation

Wells Fargo provides with the private student loan consolidation. You are given the option to include both the variable or fixed rates on your consolidated loan. The process of application can take from 45-60 days.

Wells Fargo has two alternatives to ensure that your interest rate is low. You can lower the rate of your interest by 0.25% through setting up automatic payments.

The other way to reduce the rate of your interest is in case you are a customer of Wells Fargo is that you can lower your interest rate by 0.5%

4. Chase Student Loan Consolidation

Chase has provided the consolidation loans in the previous years. Their rating is the highest in customer service satisfaction but they do not provide the best interest rates.

Chase would provide a great option to consolidate your student loans in case you are already carrying out any business with them.

5. Next Student Loan Consolidation

In case you want to consolidate your student loans in a quick way, then the Next Student Loan Consolidation may provide the right choice for you. They offer themselves on their pace at which they can ensure a consolidation of the student loan.

Like the advances of payday cash, they are financial tools that are usually misused. Only if you absolutely call for a fast consolidation of your loans, I would advocate you to use concern with a Next Student Loan Consolidation.

6. Cedar Education Lending Consolidation

Cedar Education Lending provides Private Student Loan Consolidation that ranges from $7,500 to $125,000 and has a 15-year term with the rates on interest as low as 4.75%.

One offering that distinguishes this consolidation company is using of the “interest only option” for up to four years. In case you are experiencing difficulties in making your monthly payments and extending the term for repayment for up to 15 years is not enough to enable the payments be affordable than the interests only the option of payment may be worth investigating.

Another aspect to a Cedar Education Consolidation that is unique is the release of the co-signer in case you make 12 consecutive payments.