This week we have had a presidential election where the student loan crisis took a back seat to many other domestic and foreign issues. However, these finance writers provided us with some great articles…

My Top Pick – Student Loan Saga from – What’s the next chapter

At Honey Smith provides an update on her efforts to get a federal student loan consolidation. After much communication and several incorrect emails she is finally being offered a consolidation loan for a lower interest rate.

Read about her story and her efforts to pay off her student loans here – 15 Ways to pay back your student loans

Make a plan to pay off your loans and follow it! – How we got into this mess – the birth of the student loan bubble

The birth of the student loan bubble can be traced back to the great depression! – What your parents don’t understand about RESP’s

Financial illiteracy can cost thousands over the life of a child! – 3 Reasons to delay repayment of your student loans

If you have been called into active duty in the military you can defer your payments. – How to pay for multiple college loans

Supplementing private student loans with federal student loan may be necessary! – Can you forfeit student loans in bankruptcy

Only 5% of bankruptcy attorney’s surveyed said that loans can be forgiven in Bankruptcy court – Grants for for single parents

2 out of every 3 college students graduate with student loans.