For many students loan debt is a very real problem. I know that when I finished my bachelor’s degree program I had thousands of dollars’ worth of debt. By the time I finish my master’s degree I will have even more. Unfortunately, the payback programs are difficult to stick to. If you don’t get a job in your field right away it can become an insurmountable obstacle to you being able to do the things you want with your life. After all, how are you going to get a house or a car or anything else if you have all that debt? Even getting a credit card is more difficult with debt.

There are many different loan repayment programs and we’ve talked about some ways to pay off your loans that you may not have known about but this is one that you probably haven’t heard of. Rolling Jubilee is a relatively new program and they are responsible for wiping out the student loan debt of a large number of individuals with a variety of debt amounts. Of course this organization is not planning to wipe out the student loan debt of every student. They are planning to help others understand the importance of getting rid of student loan debt.


For many people this program has been the start of freedom. These individuals have been able to get rid of thousands of dollars’ worth of debt that they couldn’t hope to pay off. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to have that big burden taken off your shoulders. It’s something I would definitely appreciate that’s for sure. But, as mentioned, this isn’t intended to help every student who’s found themselves in debt. This program intends to help the government to see the problem that student debt brings about for students.


The federal government has the power to get rid of student loan debt for a large number of students. They have the ability to ensure that everyone gets a quality education without having to worry about the student loans that typically go along with it. I know I would be far better off if it weren’t for my student loan debts and having to pay them off. It would be a lot easier to work hard if I didn’t have to send a large portion of my money to the government every month.


Well right now the federal government has made a big step towards getting rid of student loan debt. It isn’t all thanks to Rolling Jubilee but President Obama has created a program that will help with this problem. The program works to help students achieve the education they need but in a way that is affordable for them. I knew that I would have to get a college education in order to get a good job but I was concerned about the loans I would have to take. That’s what caused me to reconsider whether I would go to school or not.


For a lot of people there is probably the same type of consideration but the President’s new plan helps with that decision. The program is touched on in the video below so you can get some more information about it. You’ll also be able to find out how you can take advantage of this program. There’s plenty of ways to pay for your college education but now there are some ways to avoid it as well.


These programs will help a lot of people, both the one created by the president and Rolling Jubilee. With their help thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of students with differing amounts of student debt will be able to overcome that debt and live fulfilling lives. I was more than happy with this plan and I’m really hoping that I can get at least a little assistance with my own student loans as a result of them. Good luck to you in trying to find one of these methods (or another) to help you get the education that you want and need without having to pay a fortune. So give it a try and you’ll probably be happy with the results. If you do need to get a loan you can check out how to do it here.