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Making Your Money Stretch Further

If you get a student loan and you really think hard about it you’ll know that you shouldn’t take out as much as you possibly can. You’ll figure out that it’s important to take out as little as you possibly can. But how can you figure out that amount of money? And what should you do with the loan money that you do get? There are actually a few different things to think about and you’ll need to consider all of your expenses in order to make it work properly. […]

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The Draw of Student Loans

For a lot of people the initial idea of student loans is negative. You don’t want to owe more money after you’ve finally finished going to school. Who wants to make all those payments for years and then lose money that they worked hard for? It’s something that you have to push yourself to agree to simply because, if you don’t, you’ll never be able to go to college and that idea sounds even worse than making payments after it’s over. But once you start looking at those student loans they get a little more appealing. […]

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Taking On College Loan Repayment As a Couple

When you’re young and decide to take out those student loans you’re probably not thinking too much about how you’re going to repay them. You might be thinking a little about the future but you figure it’s going to be a while before those loans come due and then you’ll worry about it right? Well I know I was. I was really trying not to think about the time when those loans would be due and I would need to give that money back. Even though I didn’t borrow much I still knew I didn’t really want an extra bill every month (which is the same thing a lot of students think. You can read more about it here.) […]

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All About the FAFSA

What do you know about the FAFSA? Chances are you don’t know a whole lot and yet this is the form that’s going to decide whether you’re eligible for scholarships and financial aid through the college or university that you’re interested in applying to. If you’re just getting started in college or even if you’ve been there a while it’s important to understand what this form really does for you and why you’re going to need it in order to avoid getting huge loans and repayment plans when you graduate from school. […]

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Having Student Loans Takes a Toll

For many people there is no way around taking out student loans. You find yourself stuck between not going to college at all and getting a loan to help you pay for it. And with the way society is going it’s nearly impossible to get anywhere in life if you don’t get a college degree. Therefore you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. So you end up taking out those loans so that you can move on with your life and hopefully you’ll be able to pay them back once you get a better job. […]

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Free College For Everyone?

For many years in the times of our grandparents and great-grandparents, school wasn’t a necessity. Children barely finished middle school and few went on to high school unless their families were wealthy. By the time our parents came along it was more common to graduate high school but still not everyone did it. There were plenty of factory jobs around the country and recent graduates or even near graduates could easily get a job working those factory lines. Those jobs paid well and they required very little education which was definitely a benefit for our parents’ generation. […]

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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness in 2015

There is a new proposal going into effect this year that was issued by the president. This new executive order is expected to be made effective by the end of the year actually so most individuals will be affected by it during the 2016 year which is the second half of the current school year. You’ll want to know what the new rules are going to be for loans as well as for getting them waived in the end. No one wants to pay for a loan they don’t have to pay after all. […]

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Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Changes for 2015

For those who are currently pursuing a degree and those who are going to be attending college or university for the first time this year, understanding the payback information regarding their student loans is important. These rules have just recently been changed yet again and it’s crucial that you understand what President Obama has in mind for loan forgiveness in the current year. It’s not going to be exactly the same as it has been in years past. It also will affect those who are simply paying their student loan and don’t qualify for forgiveness. If you still need to apply for a loan you can do so here. […]

By |January 6th, 2015|Federal Loans, Pay Off Student Loans|Comments Off on Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Changes for 2015

Best Private Student Loan Consolidation Companies in 2015

If you have a lot of student loans don’t be concerned. You’re just like a lot of people who decided to take that plunge and go off to college. Very few people have the ability to take off for college and not have to take out any loans (those lucky people are the envy of the rest of us). But who cares if you’re just like everyone else right? Now you’re stuck with college loans you aren’t sure what to do with. First of all they’re expensive and second of all there’s probably just too many of them to keep track of. Well you’re actually in luck because one of your options is student loan consolidation and refinancing. […]

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What if You Can’t Afford College?

You may think, college is just way to expensive. There’s no way that I can afford the classes and tuition and all those extra expenses. Maybe you’ve already thought about it and now you aren’t sure what you should do because when you signed up they sent you that big old bill and you decided, not for me. Well I know that when I first looked at the cost of my classes I second-guessed things too. I thought, wow all that just to sit in one classroom? I wasn’t sure I could afford it or if I even wanted to. […]

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