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7 Ways 20 Somethings Can Save Money to Pay Off Student Loans

More than 37 million Americans who have taken out student loans to pay for their higher education now find themselves mired in debt during a slow economy where quality jobs are scarce. Here are 7 ways 20 somethings can save money to pay off student loans. […]

By |December 21st, 2012|Pay Off Student Loans|0 Comments

Smarterbanks Review

Last week we looked into new ways to pay down student loans and we discovered this service, that radical yet fairly simple program which uses play to engage and inspire borrowers to save money and pay down debt. This week we're going a little bit farther out onto the new wave by looking at a partnership between an FDIC-member bank and a student loan information website. The two have pooled their resources and have created a debit card rewards program which enables borrowers to pay down their student loan debt each time they use their debit card. This article is a SmarterBank review. […]

By |December 4th, 2012|Pay Off Student Loans|0 Comments

Can SaveUp Help Students Pay Down Their Loans

Student loan debt affects a record high of 37 million Americans, so it is perhaps no surprise that a new program has become available which aims to aid those struggling to make their payments. The new program, which has been steadily gaining momentum amongst those seeking to pay down their student loan debt and save money, is a private program and operates without government subsidies. The program is where you get rewarded for savings money not spending it! […]

By |November 26th, 2012|Pay Off Student Loans|2 Comments

Are Student Loans a Good Investment – ROI

What is the ROI of student loans? Are student loans really a good investment? “ROI” is an acronym for Return on Investment and is something every borrower should consider when making the decision to obtain a student loan or any other kind of loan. […]

By |November 21st, 2012|Types of Loans|0 Comments

The Benefit Of Moving Home After College To Save Money and Pay Off Debt

Since the housing-bubble burst in 2007, many graduates have discovered the benefit of moving home after college to save money and pay off debt. The amount of money saved can vary greatly from case to case depending on the borrower's family situation but generally, moving back home offers a sure-fire way to keep recent graduates' living costs at a minimum while paying down student loans. […]

By |November 14th, 2012|Pay Off Student Loans|2 Comments