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How to pick a college to minimize your debt burden

When it comes to choosing a university, we all want to make the best decision in regarding our bottom dollar. The best thing about attending school in this day and age is the large variety of options that are available. Our topic today is finding ways to pick colleges that help minimize your debt burden. We’ll also speak about the many resources in place to assist. If you can get a little creative and shop around aggressively, I can guarantee you’ll find a great deal on college. Read along and we’ll show you exactly how. […]

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When You Graduate, Is Your Credit Score More Valuable Than Your GPA?

When you are at graduate school all you can think about is getting good GPAs so that you can make your way up to a good career position. Your GPA reflects your knowledge but that is not necessarily efficient because some people are really good at “grabbing things” and learning stuff in class, but they are not good at applying that knowledge in real life situations. Practical application of all the knowledge that you have gained at your graduate school is what should really matter. How does one get to know how much a person is efficient in applying his knowledge in the practical world? Well, your credits say a lot about you as a person. They reflect your efficiency at facing the practical world, your ability to survive in the real world without creating a mess. […]

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US Programs Provide Financial Aid for Veterans and Dependents

Veterans and their dependents face a unique series of challenges when funding their education. Luckily, a number of organizations offer financial aid and assistance to those affected by active military duty. The following resources provide educational benefits for veterans and their families: […]

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Best ways to obtain education without student loans

Here’s an interesting subject. Everyone wants to know how they can attend college or get and education without taking out student loans. The first thing to know is this process is not easy but it can happen. Remember, you must be creative and willing to sacrifice to ensure you take on no debt. […]

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Let the Military Help Fund Your Education

There are a number of ways in which the US government is prepared to help Active Duty service members, veterans and their dependents meet their career and educational goals. Use the following programs as a starting point in determining what type of assistance suits you best: […]

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6 Ways to improve your credit score while still in school

We’ve all heard that old adage “Cash is King.” In this day and time if “Cash is King”, credit “Rules the Universe.” It absolutely imperative that you improve upon your credit and build a positive score which will allow you to acquire the things you desire. A major problem for students in college is lack of financial knowledge which includes credit management and building. I’ve detailed a clear cut strategy which includes 6 ways to improve your credit while still in school. Follow these steps and I can assure your score will skyrocket in no time. […]

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5 Most Expensive Degrees To Get

In addition to the usual tuition, flash drives and paper goods required for most college classes, several majors top the list as the most expensive degrees to set your sights upon.    1) Medicine The medical field has the honor of being the most expensive degree to get because of the sheer number of years spent in school to be able to attain it. Prospective doctors spend four years of college, four years of medical school and anywhere from three to eight years of an in-hospital residency before they are ready to take one last test and start their own practice. Like law, there is no specific major needed in the first four years of college to become a doctor of medicine, however a bachelor’s degree is required to get into medical school, and the most popular majors along this route are biology, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, and English. Also similar to the law, doctors are required to obtain continuing education credits annually. […]

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Where Do I get the Ca-Ching for College?

Money for college is less than scarce; it can be easy to come by, as long as you're willing to be resourceful. One of the most common sources for money for college is student loans. They can be co-signed for by parents who will share the responsibility of paying back the loan. A better and more cost-effective way to pay for college is through scholarships. Depending on the school that you attend, there may be additional resources right there in your school's financial aid office. […]

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What Does A Sample Letter Of Inquiry For Private Scholarships Look Like

You’ve done your research and found opportunities for a scholarship. In fact, you should have found between 30 and 40 opportunities. If you haven’t found that many, you have not finished doing research, because that’s the number of scholarships available to the “average” student (meaning if you're above average, you should have found even more). The next step in this important process of getting help to pay for your higher education involves having the application sent to you for completion. […]

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