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Top 3 Christian University Financial Aid Departments

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All About the FAFSA

What do you know about the FAFSA? Chances are you don’t know a whole lot and yet this is the form that’s going to decide whether you’re eligible for scholarships and financial aid through the college or university that you’re interested in applying to. If you’re just getting started in college or even if you’ve been there a while it’s important to understand what this form really does for you and why you’re going to need it in order to avoid getting huge loans and repayment plans when you graduate from school. […]

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How to Avoid Student Loans

Now for most people it’s nearly impossible to entirely avoid student loans. If you want to get a degree from any higher university (unless you’re the valedictorian or the football star) you’re going to need to pay a lot of money and it’s more difficult to get scholarships for that higher amount. So what are you going to do? Well you’re probably going to end up with a subsidized or unsubsidized loan like we’ve talked about before. But that doesn’t mean you need to use loans for the entire amount. There are still ways to avoid them as much as possible. […]

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5 Ways to Pay for College

Aspiring students know that a college education is considered valuable in business, but getting a degree can cost tens of thousands of dollars – money most young adults do not have.  Before blindly signing off on a complicated loan or deciding to forgo college altogether, investigate your options.  There is a variety of ways to get money for school, including loans, scholarships, and other methods you may not have considered. […]

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The Inside Story of Athletic Scholarship Eligibility

Contrary to popular belief, it is probably more difficult and more time consuming to land an athletic scholarship than an academic one. The major college sports governing body (the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA) oversees the eligibility and recruitment requirements for most college athletic programs, but individual institutions also have their own rules, regulations and procedures in place. This is why there is a huge industry in this country that offers free and fee-based assistance to student-athletes seeking to establish eligibility for an athletic scholarship. […]

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Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority Review

The Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority or CHESLA is a flexible loan option for undergraduate and graduate students. This loan offers a fixed interest rate and an annual percentage rate between 6.35% to 6.50% over the life of the loan.   Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority: Current fixed annual rate is 5.99%. Annual percentage rate is between 6.35% and 6.50%. Minimum borrowing limit is $2,000. Maximum borrowing limit is $125,000. […]

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Getting a College Scholarship if Your Parents Can’t Pay

As if planning to leave home for the first time weren't difficult enough, some students on their way to college have to figure out how to pay for it because their parents can't. These students face another problem, too – a mountain of advice, some of it conflicting and contradictory, about the application process for scholarships. […]

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Is There a Dollar Limit on Scholarship Amounts?

One of the main questions that counselors and scholarship advisors are asked is, “Is there a dollar limit on scholarship amounts?” interestingly, the answer is a resounding, “Sort of.” While there are really no federal or state laws setting dollar limits on scholarship amounts, there are as many restrictions, limits, qualifications and technicalities concerning college funding as there are scholarships available. […]

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Tips for Understanding the Application Process

There are plenty of articles about finding scholarship money, filling out the applications and what mistakes to avoid when you do that. There are far fewer sources of help, however, for understanding the application process itself and dealing with the assumptions and mindsets that lead scholarship judges to pick one certain applicant over another. Here are some tips for approaching the application process with an understanding of the human side of the equation. […]

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100 Military Education Grants and Scholarships

Looking for military education grants and scholarships for yourself, your spouse, or your children to go back to school?  Here is a massive list (over 100) scholarships and grants for military personnel and their families to go to school. If you know of any I didn't include please let me know. What’s the difference between a scholarship and a grant? A grant is a gift and does not have to be repaid… a Loan must be repaid…usually after you are no longer in college on at least a half time basis. […]

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