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Are You Eligible for an FSEOG Grant

Like other types of financial aid programs, the only people eligible for a FSEOG Grant are families that demonstrate strict financial need. Anyone who proves that they can afford college tuition is ineligible for the FSEOG and Pell Grants. Financial need takes into account a family's income, size, assets, as well as the cost of tuition. If the cost of tuition is well above the Expected Family Contribution, a FSEOG Grant will be awarded. […]

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Sallie Mae Student Loans

There are many different lenders on the internet that offer loans for students. One of the most trusted online lender in Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae offers different kinds of loans and other banking services based on the individual needs, but is most widely recognized as a student loan lender. Kinds of Sallie Mae student loans Undergraduate Loans: Smart option loan- This loan is a certified loan that allows a borrower to borrow up to the cost of their education. They offer choices of variable vs fixed interest rates. If the borrower has a poor credit score, enlisting the help of a co-signer will qualify you for a lower interest rate. […]

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Certified Private Loans

Today, as more and more students are going to school, whether it be for the first time or they are going back, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pay for the cost of secondary education. There are many different options, such as scholarships, grants, federal student loans, and private student loans. This article will discuss what a certified private student loan is and whether or not it is a good resource to use to fund your education. […]

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Credit Unions

When paying for college, there are many different options available to people who are struggling. There are scholarships, student loans, grant, work-study employment, and loans and lines of credit from credit unions. Credit unions are not always the first thing that pops to a borrower mind, but they are good sources of financial aid never the less. Private student loans from Credit unions are becoming increasingly more popular since students are receiving less financial aid and the cost of attending college has skyrocketed. […]

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Stafford Student Loans

The cost of going to college can be daunting sometimes. With so many expenses, from tuition to textbooks, it can be hard to pay for loans. Luckily, the federal government offers student loans that make paying for college a little easier. What is a Stafford Student Loan? A Stafford student loan is awarded by the Department of Education. These loans have low interest rates, and do not require the borrower to be creditworthy. […]

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Federal Student Loans

The cost of tuition today is steadily increasing, and with more students going to school, scholarships and grants can be hard to come by. Federal student loans are a good alternative to private student loans and can take much of the stress out of paying for college. What are federal student loans? Federal student loans are awarded to students by the Department of Education. There are a few different types of federal loans, so when looking for financing options, look at all the different kinds of loans available to you. […]

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Private Student Loans

Private student loans come from banks or other private lenders in order to help the borrower pay for their education. These are different than federal student loans, and you should exhaust all of your federal student loan, scholarship, and grant options before turning to a private student loan. […]

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Student Loans Without a Cosigner

Every year, millions of students struggle to find ways to pay for their post-secondary educations. If you don't have a cosigner for your student loans than getting student loans will be ever harder. There are many different ways to help finance their education, and loans are one of the many options as to how to pay for school. This article will show you what your options are to pay for college if you do not have a student loan co-signer. […]

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Perkins Student Loan Basics

Recently, there has been an upward trend in the number of students who are going to school. While it is a good thing more and more people are given the opportunity to go to college, financial aid such as scholarships and grants are becoming harder to obtain, even though the Department of Education spends billions of dollars every year on financial aid. Federal loans are a good way to finance your education with low interest rates. […]

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Institutional Student Loan

More and more in recent years, students have been going back to school and discovering how difficult it is to finance their educations, despite the fact that the Department of Education spends billions of dollars annually on financial aid for postsecondary education students. Thankfully, there are different loan programs that can help make financing secondary education that much easier. […]

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