When it comes to finding a student loan that is right for your needs, it can be difficult given the high concentration of lenders and consolidators in the market. However, there are more and more middleman companies that allow graduates and undergraduates to compare the prices and interest rates of lenders and consolidators to see which is best for their finances. This reduces the difficult of shopping around, and can make it much quicker for students to find the student loan that is right for them.

One such company is Credit Sesame, and here's how it can help graduates and undergraduates find the best lenders and consolidators for their needs.


The Credit Sesame website is set up quite simply, which makes the process easier to understand while avoiding the bells and whistles. This is good for those who are interested in taking out student loans for the first time. The website provides many tools and tips that get a student on the right track to finding a student loan, from improving his credit score to advice on what financial decisions are best for the student's personalized situation. It takes into account all of the factors affecting a student's ability to take out a loan, such as a mortgage, credit card debt and credit rating, and generates the top three choices of loans that will save the student the most money. By adding up these factors, time is saved by weeding out those loans that the student does not qualify for.

Credit Seasame

Credit sesame

It is also possible to set up a “what if” scenario for his finances, if he's striving towards a particular financial goal in mind, or is interested in changes to his life like the loss of a job. This can allow the student to see what his circumstances would be and what options would be opened up to him in certain events were to occur.

Credit Sesame also provides assistance to the student by informing him of products and services that could also improve his credit score.

All of these services provided by Credit Sesame are also free.


Credit Sesame remains current with changing behaviors, the market and other factors that affect a student's credit rating. Any purchases or payments on loans or mortgages changes the credit score, and the services provided by Credit Sesame reflect this and adjust accordingly to keep the student informed on his choices for loans. It can also tell a student where he needs to improve in order to increase both his credit score and his chances of getting an affordable loan.


Credit Sesame is not run by any branches of major banks, and so it remains neutral. This can be beneficial for students who are getting a loan for the first, and are feeling pressured by large banks to sign up for their loans. All of the information generated by the website is done through their personal services and calculations, and doesn't try to sell one bank over another.


Credit Sesame is a great website for those graduates and undergraduates who want to see exactly where they stand in the market of obtaining student loans. Once a student signs up, he can also receive email alerts when more optimal savings opportunities become available, keeping him informed and in charge of his finances.

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