Graduate Leverage is no longer offering private student loans. Instead of offering private student loans, Graduate Leverage specializes in advisory services, helping potential borrowers find the loan program that’s right for them. Graduate Leverage offers a lot of information about various federal and private loans, and their advisory programs may help reduce the students overall loan debts and answer questions regarding their debt.

Graduate Leverage Student Loan:

  • Graduate Leverage is no longer offering private student loans.
  • Graduate Leverage now specializes in advisory services.
  • They can help a student lower their loan debts and answer questions.


Graduate Leverage is no longer offering any private student loans. They specialize in advisory services and can find obscure government programs designed to lower education debts. The advisory program is called the GL Advisor.


GL Advisor benefits:

  • Helps students understand their debts.
  • Can lower overall debts.
  • Gives advice about various programs of interest.


The GL Advisor can help students better understand their debts and what they can do to lower them. The GL Advisor thoroughly checks the students financial portfolio and offers a financial plan that will help them to pay for the debt. If there are any eligible programs, the GL Advisor will alert the student and help them understand what they can do to take advantage of said programs.


What GL Advisor does to help alleviate student debt pressures:

  • Looks for various programs that may lessen the debt amount.
  • Gives an outline of potential savings from said programs and shows the benefits of various repayment plans.


Once a student has completed an assessment, they will be shown the programs, either federal or otherwise that will be of benefit to them. GL Advisor will also give the student an outline of how much money can be saved by using these programs. If there are other repayment options available, they will be displayed and if there are saving opportunities associated with them the student will be alerted.


Who the GL Advisor can help:

  • Graduate students facing student loan debts.
  • Graduates who have completed high cost degree programs, such as medical, law and business.


Many graduates are faced with high student debts. The GL Advisor is geared for those students and can help them manage their money in a more productive way. Many professional degree programs have a high Cost of Attendance, so the student is forced to resort to private student loans. The GL Advisor will check the students financial portfolio and find ways to help them pay for this debt. Because professional graduates often have little time, this service may be of a benefit to them.


How the application process works:

  • GL Advisor offers a free assessment.
  • After the assessment, you may schedule a one on one consultation with an advisor.


The assessment is free and easy. After you have completed the assessment, you will be given the chance to schedule a one on one consultation with an advisor. You will be given an in depth outline of your student debts and potential savings. If there are any other repayment plans available, they will be displayed there.


To find out more about the GL Advisor program, visit Apply to Graduate Leverage Student Loan Private Student Loan Application