Going to college can be expensive, as any college student (and their parents) can tell you. In addition to the cost of tuition and books, there are also the additional expenses of living away from home. Since most college students are on a strict budget, any tool that can be used to help students save money in college is useful. ReadyForZero has created an online tool for managing finances that will help students and/or their parents keep track of expenses and save money at the same time.

What is Ready For Zero?

ReadyForZero is a tool that allows the college student to track all of their finances in one place. Not only does it provide all account information for bank accounts, credit cards, and student loans, it gives the student the ability to schedule payments right from the website. With timely suggestions about how large a payment is needed in order to pay on the loan capital (versus interest only), students can pay even a few more dollars per month. This, in turn, allows the loan or credit card to be paid off in a shorter amount of time, with less interest.  Ready For Zero shows how students can save money in college by helping them create and stick to a budget without sacrificing any of the necessities of life.

ReadyForZero.com Help Students Save Money In College

ReadyForZero.com Help Students Save Money In College

How Does Ready For Zero Work?

In just a few short steps, college students can be on their way to saving money and paying down debt, all in one visit to the website.

  • Register for a free Ready For Zero account.
  • Enter in your account information for all of your accounts, either banking, student loan, investments, or credit cards. All you need to get started is the login information, and Ready for Zero will securely import all of the account information for you.
  • Use the online tools to personalize your plan based on how much debt you have and how much your monthly payments are.
  • ReadyforZero Plus is available for a small monthly fee, which allows you the opportunity to schedule payments right from the website. You will receive email reminders about payments due.
  • Also available is an application for iPhone, which allows you to keep track of spending no matter where you are.

Who Can Benefit From Ready For Zero?

Although ReadyForZero is geared toward helping college students save money while in college and graduate without overwhelming debt, anyone who is interested in getting out of debt will find this program useful. Regardless of how much debt there is, or how high your income is, ReadyforZero will help create a personalized plan designed to help you pay the maximum amount of debt possible for your particular situation. In addition to the monthly tracking and bill pay reminders, this program also finds different ways you could be saving money. This could mean changing your car insurance, refinancing a mortgage, or transferring a credit card balance to a lower-interest card.

No matter what the financial situation is, ignoring debt only creates a larger problem. ReadyForZero can help make even the largest debt seem manageable.