What is Savvymoney.com?

Savvymoney.com is a website created to help you in get rid of your debts. This website offers its users with various tools and calculators. You can use these tools and calculators to make a debt plan that will help you become debt free

How it works:

Savvymoney.com will make a plan for you through which you can easily get rid of your student loan faster. It is five times faster than you can make plans on your own for paying off your debt. You can easily pay off up to $6200 debt per annum which is of course much more than you can plan and pay-on-your-own plan. If you are among those people who are earning so that you can pay off your student loan but still you feel that you are not able to do it, then must take the help of savvymoney.com.

It will take all the information regarding your monthly income, your expenditures, information about your bank balance, interest rates on your debts and their due dates. Once it has gathered all the information, rest of the process will be easy and automated.


Savvy money

Optimize your Funds:

In savvymoney.com, you will be asked about the monthly payment you wish make to cover your debt. Once you have decided on that amount, then you have established a payment strategy. They will offer you with various strategies; you have to select one that suits you and your budget. Afterwards they will make a plan for you through which you will pay off your student loan faster.

By creating a Smart Pay plan, you can pay off the debt systematically. This will only take 15 minutes after which you will get your plan through which you have to pay off your debt. If you have taken student loan from various people or associations or companies, then you also have to decide the company or person you have to pay off first. Once you have got your plan, the next thing is to follow it.

Following your Smart Pay plan:

Smart Pay plan is created, keeping all your expenditures in mind. It is very easy to follow. Every month you have to pay off the amount that you decided  before starting   the plan. When you will pay the money Smart Pay plan will automatically adjust all the settings again. In this way you will have a better idea that how much more money you have to pay and within what time period you will pay your student loan in.

Benefits of Savvymoney.com for paying off student loan:

Various benefits of savvymoney.com will attract you. They include:

  1. You don’t have to make a plan for yourself; savvymoney.com will do it on your behalf keeping all your expenditures and monthly income in view.
  2. It will record all your payments and will update the records every month so that you can have a better idea about your debts.
  3. Savvymoney.com will connect to your bank account and will automatically download all the transactions for you.
  4. There is 24 hours service available for your help.

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