Mohela student loans was established in the year 1981 and for many years offered services that are top quality to college students including their families. Actually, the company is listed in the country’s top ten largest loan providers and Mohela student loans keep on providing excellent services and convenient means for clients to handle their student loans and debts.

It’s for many years now that Mohela has taken part in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFEL). The company, while in support an outstanding portfolio of student loans via the FFEL program, has finished some steps to be a notable contractor in offering federal loans to students.  During October 2011, the loan service got a non-profit contract and begun offering students loans by the federal government that are under U.S Education Department Federal Loan Program.

Mohelo Student Loan

Mohelo Student Loan

Advantages of Choosing Mohela

One of the major reasons for students to choose Mohela student loans due to the responsive service offered by the company. In addition, customers get a professional and friendly assistance that assists students in loan management.

The company reinvests the net revenues to allow consistent improvement of the used systems. All the employees of Mohela pass through on-going and advanced training for skills updates and become expert in the field. This serves as an approach of the company in reinforcing an outstanding customer service that it provides.

Additionally, the establishment of Mohela was to offer needy students cost effective education loans. The services of the loans have enabled loan forgiveness worth more than $300 million that has assisted Missouri students attend schools of their choice. The company has established a tax-exempt non-profit organization known as “Missouri Scholarship Foundation”. It assists students with the goal of pursuing their higher education, and helps the families to meet the high costs of tuition and other school fees.

Mohela Education Loans Limitations

Despite the company’s good reputation from the many good reviews from most of its clients, there are some clients complaining about the collection practices by the company. According to these clients, services of student loan repayment program require some improvements. However, a few complain about the on the loan repayment schedule changes after the service has taken over the student loan.

There is a will by the company to resolve such issues as long as they are brought forward to the customer service specialists. The main goal of the company is to offer the highest quality services to all their clients.


A big number of students prefer to borrow money that will cater for their fees and college tuition. A college student who is average owes approximately $25,000 after graduating and others owe a higher amount. Having this in mind, it’s advisable to choose a loan provider who provides repayment plans and interest rates that suits your budget. One of the best options is Mohela student loans because of the unbeatable rates, terms and a remarkable customer service. The company has also adhered to the Better Business Bureau accreditation standards, it stands dedicated to putting forth its effort in resolving any concerns raised by the client, and offering the best services possible.