I financed my life through student loans until I graduated in 2008. I had visions of working hard and living a nice life. But debt was always stress and bound for my piece life. I thought about it how to pay them all debt without changing my lifestyle and my high hope of my life. When I graduated, I was bounded to my student loans. That was not a small amount, $22,500 dollar I paid. I was very scared before pay the total amount, but not as bad as I thought. A student in law school or medical school needs more money to finish the graduation, but that’s not a big problem if you can follow some step to pay off your student loan. I am here to tell all my secret of pay off my big student loan.

It’s so easy to ignore of this pay off thinking while I studying, because I didn’t have to think about it while studying and living a student life (and spending the money). No payback until I complete the graduation. But student loans switch to the “payback” mode the minute I’m graduated, I had to be prepared to take on that payback. For me, it was moving out of where I was living, finding a new place, getting a job, buying work clothes, looking for a new car, and keeping a relationship alive. All of it took money, and I was fallen in a big trouble with my life.

At that time I wanted to get married, buy a house, and start my life. I needed a reliable car for my new job. Although, I knew I had student loans, but because I didn’t have to face paying back those student loans while I was in school, I lived as a dream flyer while I was in college. No worries, plenty of time, lots of friends, party, playing, visiting natural places, watching movies etc.


Suddenly I realized the hard reality of figure out how to deal this student loan.

I looked at refinancing, consolidating, even joining the military to forgive the debt, but all this try was wasted time for me. Then I decided to man up and tackle it on my head. After some research and talking to other people I discovered a lot of ways to get it done quickly and not have to stay home every night. I wanted to live my life, not be imprisoned by debt. And I did it when I discovered many ways to pay off student loan without pain.


Pay Off Your Student Loans

I shared all ways I learned to repay my student loan here. Openly, you don’t have to put your life on hold or eat noodles for five years or more. It is possible to rid back quickly and without much pain. I proved it inside of three years. I paid back the loan, put a down payment on my house, got married, had some fun, and remained responsible toward my student loan.

I knew my credit rating was going to be really important, especially starting out. So I made sure I took steps that ensured I wouldn’t be blocked later on just because I didn’t handle my student loan debt carefully. I share those steps here. I was able to qualify for a mortgage, so I must have done something right.

A mechanical engineer starting out doesn’t make a six-figure income, so I was really worried it would be tight, but once I learned a few secrets and got myself organized, I bought a beautiful engagement ring for my girlfriend, bought a house, took a trip, and lived my life, all while paying back my student loan.

I paid back my student loan in three years and I saved $7,000 in interest – and I believe it you can payback all loan and save too. Come see what I learned, and get out from under the mountain of debt pressure. You can’t spend your whole life pay off your graduate spend! Cheer up and read my all post carefully. If you get any trouble to understand any point you must ask me by comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible.


Look at that my bought ring, I given to my girlfriend in my marriage ceremony(she is now my wife)

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring