Nelnet ( may appear to be just a student loan website, but it is so much more. Nelnet is a great resource for you through your student loan process for postgraduate and graduate education, and how to actually navigate the loan process. Yes, Nelnet offers how to find the right lender but they also offer the resources to choose the right loan, and how pay off your loans. They also help you figure out what to do if you can’t make payments and need to consolidate your loans.

– Nelnet lets you search loans. You’re able to search for a leader to consolidate your loan or a leader for a private loan. Then you are able to apply for the loan right from the site. So there is no confusing linking back to pages and wondering if you’re even on the right website.

– You are able to set up an account and then make payments directly to your loans from Nelnet. ( Nelnet actually gives you 5 ways to pay back your loans using snail mail, your phone, your bank account, online or their Kwick Pay option. If you don’t know what Kwik Pay is, it’s pretty cool. It’s a way to pay your student loans directly from your bank account. You set up a monthly payment and that’s it. The best part is that after you set up a monthly payment you may be eligible for an interest rate reduction.

– Nelnet also helps with those what ifs that come up when choosing a loan like what if I can’t make my payment. Nelnet can help you with that. They walk you through postponing payments ( Netlet really helps when you have a hard time making your payments by explaining deferment and forbearance, and Nelnet really can help you avoid defaulting on your loan.

– Nelnet even walks you through when you first finish school. The site helps you through your 6 months grace period and explains what you should be doing in that time period. Nelnet really explains everything very clearly.

– You can even work on lowering your monthly payment with Nelnet .(,98,120,152). They go through every time of repayment plan and explain them in great detail that you don’t need to be a banker to understand. You are really able to make an educated choice that is right for you.

– Nelnet is filled with video tutorials that really help you learn about the student loan process.

– You can use Nelnet no matter the type of the loan. It doesn’t matter if its a federal or private loan, you can use Nelnet’s services to repay your loan.




Nelnet is a great resource. It’s a site filled with great tips and information that really does help you no matter what stage in the student loan process you are in. It covers you even if you are in hot water and don’t know what to do. With a large range of features Nelnet has options for everyone. Using Nelnet will most certainly help you repay your loans, and make your life less stressful. More weekly resource here