For persons burdened with student loans in the United States and have been making regular payments Obama has proposed some relief for them as a result of current financial crisis facing many Americans.  The Obama Student Loans forgiveness plan clear debtors on all remaining debt providing that they have being making regular prompt payments. This double standard scheme caters for private sector workers who have being making prompt payment for a minimum of twenty years whilst public sector workers like nurses you would have being require to have an already paid your student loan within a shorter time frame than the stated twenty years minimum for private sector workers.

Pay-As-You-Earn Policy

The Student Loan Forgiveness or Pay-As-You-Earn policies are plans that that takes into consideration the debtors’ ability to repay their loans considering the debtor’s income and expenditure. This policy is particularly beneficial to the poorest individuals as if the debtors’ loan balance is high and their income is low it is possible to have loans completely cleared.

For qualifying debtors they can have their income repayments caped at approximately 10% of their annual income. If a debtor makes $100,000 and their loan is $80,000 at an annual percentage rate (APR) of 6.8% then their minimum payment is $920 monthly on the standard repayment scheme. However a monthly payment of $554 can be arranged if the debtor qualifies for Pay-As-You-Earn plan. This allows debtors to pay a lower rate than they would on other federal student loan scheme. The Pay-As-You-Earn plan would take a longer time to repay as the debtor is paying a lower monthly rate and would accumulate more interest so by the end of the payment you would pay more than you would on the standard federal student loan scheme.

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness

To be eligible for this scheme one must have gotten their direct loan after October 1st 2011 and it is not available for people who default on their student loans. When considering this scheme a debtor must be aware of their loan date and the status of their student loans as it is represented by their creditors. Eligibility criteria for the Student Loan Forgiveness scheme includes the type of loans a debtor has; this plan only applies to loan such as Stafford or Perkins loans.

Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness plan is not the only way available to alleviate the burdens of student loan faced by college students and graduates. Loan forgiveness plans area also offered by private institutions and also employers so individuals that are not covered by Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness plan can access student loan forgiveness. Some private companies or institutions will agree to pay student loans if certain conditions are met this include working for a company for several years and this company assist you with your student loans. This though might only apply to some healthcare institution or specialized industries the fact is different institution offer student loan forgiveness plans that can assist debtors with their student loans.

The aim of this plan seeks to get students and graduate out of student loan debt as quickly as possible so that can fully appreciate the earning  their degree has brought them without the burden of high student loan debts. This conditional plan offers debtors options, it offers them a chance to access more affordable payment option. Debtors should evaluate this plan based on its merits to assess which repayment scheme would be better for them.